Abraham Zacuto was a Sephardi Jewish astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, rabbi and historian who served as Royal Astronomer in the 15th century to King. After the Spanish exile, Zacuto settled at Lisbon, where he was soon appointed court astronomer and historiographer to John II. He retained his office under D. ZACUTO, ABRAHAM BEN SAMUEL (–c. ), astronomer and historian. His ancestors were French Jewish exiles who had come to Castile in

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A genealogy book, or chronicle of the generations from the creation until the time of the abrzham, Avraham Zacuto, circa The book was considered an important document of Jewish history in that it included the lineage of the Jewish people and its key figures, from inception to the time of the author.


He studied Talmud and kabbalah, at the same time pursuing his studies in astronomy at the acclaimed University of Salamanca. Untilhe was employed by the bishop abtaham the town as an astronomer and scientists.

Abraham Zacuto’s Sefer Yuchasin

In the s, he wrote an impressive book on the solar system and earned renown as an astronomer. As a result, he became part of a society of scholars who prepared navigation tables for Portuguese sailors.

Zacuto did much to improve the navigational abilities of the Portuguese and was credited with playing an important role in the Portuguese reaching India. Zacuto abraahm from Portugal without converting after the mass baptism that took place in Lisbon in He and his son were taken prisoner twice along the way, but eventually reached Tunis.


InAvraham Zacuto reached Palestine, xbraham he lived until his death two years later. Avraham Zacuto’s Sefer Yuchasin was printed in Constantinople in The manuscript in the National Library is not complete.


It includes the second article, tractate Amoraim, and then a different manuscript, by a different author from a later period. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Hello guest Login Registration.

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Don’t have an account? Search All Library Resources. Abraham Zacuto’s Sefer Yuchasin Digitized version. For the digitized version.