pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Actiontec electronic GTWG Modem User Manual. Page 1. Actiontec – GTWG (Qwest Firmware) Wireless Setup Guide. Note: When setting up or changing your wireless settings it is a good idea to be plugged into the. GTWG. The Actiontec GTWG router has 54mbps WiFi, 1 mbps ETH- ports and 0 USB-ports. Quick links: Default password/Login User Manuals.

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The Gateway is the simplest way to connect computers to a high-speed broadband connection. This easy-to-use product is perfect for the office or small business. If you want to take your computing to the next level, the Actiontec 54 Mbps Wireless Gateway is sure to be one of the keys to your success. If the Power Light glows steadily green, the Gateway is receiving power and fully operational.

When the Power Light is rapidly flashing, the Gateway is initializing. If the Power Light is not illuminated when the power cord is plugged in, the Gateway has suffered a critical error and technical support should be contacted. Do not unplug the power cord from the Gateway during the reset process. Doing so may result in permanent damage to the Gateway.

Technical Support Self Help To obtain answers to support page at this address: Before attempting any of the above, make sure access to the Internet is available. It is recommended the user run the Installation Buddy first, before attempting any other procedures.

To set up the Gateway, it must be connected to a computer, and then configured. Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 3. Select the appropriate modem payment option, then click Next. Read the on-screen instructions regarding the terms and agreements of the rental contract, click in the white circle next to I accept this agreement, then click Next.

Click the check box next to Ethernet Recommendedthen click Next.

Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 7. Read the on-screen information concerning home security alarms, then click Next. Make sure the items needed to connect the Gateway to the first computer on included in the kit, then click Next. Get actiontecc Gateway from the kit, then click Next. Get the Power cord from the black bag and plug the smaller end into the black Power port on the rear panel of the Gateway, then click Next.

Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway Plug the larger end of the Power cord into a power outlet, then click Next. Confirm the Power actionyec on the front of the Gateway glows solid green, then click Next. Get the yellow Ethernet cable from the kit and plug one end into a Yellow port on the back of the Gateway, then click Next. Plug the other end of the yellow Ethernet cable into an Ethernet port on the back of the computer.


Actiontec electronic Modem GTWG User Guide |

Make sure the Ethernet Network light on the front of the Gateway glows vt701-wg green. Get the green cable from the kit and plug one end into the green Line port on the rear panel of the Gateway. Plug the other end of the green cable into the phone jack closest to the com- puter.

The Gateway is connected to a computer via Ethernet. Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 2. Read the instructions, select Initial Setup by clicking on the appropriate check maunal, then click Next.

Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 6. Get the purple USB cable from the kit and plug one end into the Purple port on the back of the Gateway, then click Next. Make sure the USB light on the front of the Gateway glows solid qctiontec.

Plug the other end of the green computer. All telephones and other devices answering machines, fax machines, etc. Nanual the on-screen information, then unplug all telephones and other devices from their phone jacks. Do not unplug the green jack near your computer. Plug a phone filter into every phone jack with a telephone or other device connected to it, then plug the ends of the actiontef lines disconnected in step 3 into the phone filters plugged into wall jacks.

Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 5.

If using a wall-mount phone, read the on-screen instructions, then click Next. If not installing a wall-mount phone filter, go step 7. Gt701-qg a wall-mount phone filter by removing the wall-mount telephone and open- ing the top and bottom toggles. Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 9. Plug the phone cord into the Phone Jack on the back of the Gateway.

The connections should look like the configuration in the picture, below if the first computer is connected via Ethernet; if the first computer is connected via USB, the purple cable will be plugged into the purple port. Make sure the appropriate lights on the front of the Gateway glows solid green. If MSN is selected, go to step 2. This infor- mation is gt701-eg in the Welcome Letter. Enter the Address, Subnet, Gateway, if applicable in the proper text boxes. This information is available in the Welcome Letter.

The Installation Buddy checks the configuration of the Gateway. Read the on-screen information, then click through the next few windows to exit the Installation Buddy. The Gateway is successfully configured and ready for use. For this reason, the Ft701-wg accessed while away from the home or business. To connect while traveling, ask the about a dial-up account. Most Qwest free, while others charge a minimal fee.

Basic Setup This chapter is a guide through a manuall configuration of the Gateway, including how to connect the Gateway to the To complete the basic setup, the user will need the Welcome Letter Worksheet.

If the document is not available, contact the immediately. In the next window, follow the on-screen instructions, then click Next. If the Main Menu screen does not appear, make sure the Ethernet cable is properly connected. The Gateway has been configured to support a single static Power light stops blinking, the Gateway is ready for use.


Click Begin Advanced Setup. Select Address from the menu on the left side. These addresses should be included on the 7. Make sure to write this password down and keep it in a secure location.

Advanced Setup This section contains information concerning advanced configuration, such as wireless settings, remote management, and Web site blocking. Accessing Advanced Setup To access the Advanced Setup configuration screens, follow these instructions: Open the Web browser. In the address bar enter: In the next screen, read the recommendations.

To perform an advanced setup on the Gateway, click Begin Advanced Setup. To check all the set- tings, or if unsure of which settings to modify, select Next.

Some munication with an end user. Other types of broadband Internet connections such as fixed point wireless may use either or Static DHCP is present, check with the Internet Service Provider continuing. After selecting a connection type, click Manuao to continue configuring the connection. Transparent Bridging Select this option to use the Gateway as a transparent bridge. All computers using Public actiontfc the Public Addresses statically assigned.

After configuring your settings, click Next, then click Save and Restart to make all changes permanent. In the Actionte States, use channels Security There are four wireless security options: The latter three options are different types of wireless security.

Selecting Off disables wireless security. Each key comprises five hexa- decimal digit pairs. A hexadecimal digit consists of an alphanumeric character ranging from. An example of a create a set of -bit ate circles, then enter five hexadecimal digit pairs in each Key text box Key 1- Key 2- Key 3- Key This setting is for enterprise networks only, and should be accessed by experienced information systems spe- cialists only.

To set up a click in the circle next to PSK String, then enter at least eight alphanumeric characters in the text box. All wireless-enabled devices must support know the to join the network.

Wireless networking devices use public radio chan- nels to transmit actionetc and data communications. Change Beginning Address atciontec the assigning addresses. Actiontec recommends keeping the fac- tory default setting If not, leave the text box intact.

Server 2 – the secondary Provider. If the ISP mation, enter it here.

Actiontec electronic GT701-WG Modem User Manual

Click Next, then click Save and Restart to apply the settings. Remote Management allows access to the Gateway through the Internet via another computer. Actiontec recommends leav- ing the Remote Management Off the factory default setting. Select the level of security needed for the network.