Agip SAE 0W VW VW + Modern fully synthetic engine oil with reduced HTHS viscosity that had been especially. Buy Engine oil Agip 0W/30 VW ,, of Kan_str of 1 l Oil for motors in Zaporozhe Ukraine — from Avto Sfera, OOO in catalog Allbiz!. Brand new replacement product for AGIP Specification: • ACEA A5/B5 • VW 00 • For VW 00 • VW 01 quality features: •, excellent protection.

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March 13th, Some detail to add re service conditions can be found here: Written in when Castrol were the first blenders of March 15th, All are fully synthetic and there is a range of seven oils, for different applications.

The article states that Volkswagen, Audi and BMW agiip closely involved with the development of these oils. For further information on getting a subscription and back issues contact: March 16th, VWaG approval of Kier, every single oil has been certified and appears on the VW list VW list of April covering All times are GMT The time now is Gone, but not forgotten.

Non TDI related postings agkp be moved or removed. This forum is NOT for the discussion of biodiesel and other alternative fuels. None yet New car. Send a private message to donron. Find More Posts by donron. Oil quality If low-quality oil is used, the results may be higher fuel consumption, increased wear symptoms, build-up of deposits and – ultimately – engine damage see above. With the right lubricant a car’s engine runs more smoothly, particularly when undertaking frequent cold starts at low ambient temperatures.

So-called synthetic single-grade oils are more fluid and so lubricate faster, reaching all the friction points in a cold engine within a very short space of time. They also protect the catalytic converter and save fuel. As a ayip the vehicle produces less pollution.


Synthetic high-performance oil is usually more expensive than a mineral oil, but the engine and the environment will benefit from the additional investment. You should in any case make sure the product is approved for use in your vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer. Consult your dealer, or refer to your Owner’s Manual. Oils for diesel engines are not usually approved for use in petrol engines.

Oil change intervals Despite major leaps forward in its development, engine oil is nevertheless subject to a degree of wear, and must still be changed after a certain period of time. High temperatures lead to the formation of ageing products.

Engine oil Agip 7007 0W/30 VW 503.00,506.00,506.01 of Kan_str of 1 l

In diesel engines, in particular, the oil may thicken due to sooting. The additives protecting against dirt deposits, wear and corrosion gradually lose their effectiveness, and cannot be fully restored by topping up. Consequently, the vehicle manufacturers stipulate regular engine oil changes. They are only possible in conjunction with the use of appropriate fully synthetic long-life engine oils. Depending on the engine and model variant, service – and thus oil change – intervals can be extended to as much as aglp, kilometres or a maximum of two years for petrol engines and 50, kilometres or a maximum of two years agpi some diesel engines.

The PR number “QG1” on the vehicle data sticker indicates whether a vehicle qualifies for extended service intervals. Volkswagen has designated 58 engine oils as conforming to VW standard A further 22 oils are approved to VW standard According to standard All ESI engines can also be run on conventional oils.

However, the service interval display must then be reprogrammed and the oil changed after a maximum of 15, kilometres or one year. The same shorter interval applies if the driver has topped up more than half a litre of conventional oil when unable to obtain a suitable long-life lubricant.

Use of a high-grade engine oil is especially important when a zgip is subject to a lengthy oil change interval and taking into consideration the conditions under which it is run urban traffic, short trips, driving at full throttle. It is also advisable to change the oil earlier than stipulated when the vehicle is run under extreme conditions, such as after long trips on dusty roads or if you run a number of short trips during the cold season, when the engine seldom or never reaches its operating temperature.


The oil filter must also be replaced at every oil change. The oil change should best be carried out by a dealership workshop. They will use an oil conforming to the manufacturers’ specification 70007 replace the dirtied oil filter. They will also be able to drain and store the used oil in the correct manner and arrange for agio to agipp collected by an authorized disposal company. Do-it-yourself oil changing demands technical know-how and skill.

VWAG document for use of ELF TDI-PD – TDIClub Forums

Errors may result in engine damage, or lead to oil being introduced in an uncontrolled manner into the soil, causing serious environmental damage. The perpetrators of such agpi may be subject to severe penalties. Furthermore, if sgip change the oil yourself you will usually have to ensure proper disposal of the used oil and the filter by taking it to an authorized used oil collection point.

That is often inconvenient, time-consuming and costly.

Oil standard and its especially release Standard Send a private message to dieseldorf. Find More Posts by dieseldorf.

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