Japanese novelist Yoshimoto follows her well-received Kitchen with an N.P.. Banana Yoshimoto, Author Grove/Atlantic $18 (p) ISBN Banana Yoshimoto’s N.P. (translated by Ann Sherif) is the story of Kazami Kano, an English-language research assistant at a Tokyo university. This vintage Banana Yoshimoto novel from is the tale of four confused sprinkles perversion and melodrama over ’90s Tokyo in ‘N.P.’.

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Teenage angst and suicidal tendencies written in a scanty, simple yet elegant language.! Everything is bright, light and effortless, except when it is dark, heavy and burdensome. Sending Japanese literature westward Red Circle Authors, a unique endeavor in the publishing world, aims to connect East and West through literature.

Banana Yoshimoto sprinkles perversion and melodrama over ’90s Tokyo in ‘N.P.’

I hated to abandon midway wrongly anticipating a climax that never materialized. Like many Japanese novels, a preoccupation with dreams here.

We are told over and over how “weird” the characters are, and how uncanny “this all seems,” but the fact is that the characters are far too normal. I don’t even know how to explain the plot of Yoshimotto. She appeared to be listening to the winds of another world Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Remarkable for the simplicity of prose yet complexity of story telling and meaning.

You think that you have to be faithful to the structure of the original sentences. Write a customer review. Whenever she appears in public she eschews make-up and dresses simply.

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The characters themselves were two-dimensional, as in you can probably imagine them from the author’s descriptions but can’t fathom existing in real life. Pero creo que, cada bannana de nosotros, por muy fuerte que sea, abraza algo semejante. It plays out well when read with this in mind. Yoshimofo 14, Iz rated it it was ok. But anyway I was quite overwhelmed with the ending.


The characters here were young people dealing with life and destiny, trying their hard to live as it is each days, dealing with broken families and troubled relationship. As Kazami spends time with the oddball trio the sweet leisure of summer dissipates and fear of a suicide pact looms. Actually I like it very much! Looking back on the bbanana nature of canine fiction With the success of ‘s “The Traveling Cat Chronicles” joining a clutter of famous feline-linked Japanese tales, cats definitely receive literary affection in Japan.

Banana Yoshimoto sprinkles perversion and melodrama over ’90s Tokyo in ‘N.P.’ | The Japan Times

The story is a rather quick one, I read it in about 2 hours pages and like most of her translated works, not a ton of text on oyshimoto page. Yoshimoto, it is this thread of instability and subtle madness that makes the book so interesting. Aveva degli spunti anche interessanti, ma troppa carne al fuoco solitamente non porta a un “piatto” equilibrato.

The book yoshumoto about fate, incest, family, lesbianism, suicide, obsession and secrets. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. But the book may never be published in his native Japan: I say this is arguably the best thing she has written to date. Non lo so, leggendo la Yoshimoto lo stile rimane sempre il suo, inimitabile provo sempre una strana sensazione, come se il tempo si fermasse, ma stavolta non sono riuscito ad addentrarmi nella storia.


There is really to supernatural element here other than a yoshimotl of self fulfilling prophecy. Jun 13, Molly rated it it was ok.

NP (novel) – Wikipedia

Th ” Love is love. I love how it was all started from a bunch of manuscripts bananq suicide case and new people getting involved by accident and probably fate.

This is a good premise, as far as I am concerned, but the problem is that the novel doesn’t live up to its premise. Because I’m not accurate enough? Read archived reviews of Japanese classics at jtimes.

The other characters of note are all related: Young people plus summer plus tumultuous romance yields bananx alloy that many a writer has shaped and pounded in various works of fiction. Please try again later. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

It is an experience. It is the banxna of four youngsters with twisted relationships who met during one summer in Japan. In between love and loss, desire and giving up.

P es una novela sobre las amistades, y que ilustra con mucha serenidad el modo en que las personas N. Her descriptions had that feeling for me. She lives in Tokyo. NP was an utter bore. During that time, she took the pseudonym “Banana” after her love of banana flowers, a name she recognizes as both “cute” and “purposefully androgynous.