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Log in No account? Shiny new fandom with shiny new characters and shiny new friends! Needless to say, Jacob and Edward are hotter than hot when put together. M, Nc sex,swearing Betas: Drama, some angst Paring: He was high on adrenaline and vampire venom.

He had finally lost it. Why else would he be doing this?

Fanfiction,Jacob/Edward, Nc-17

All of Breaking Dawn is ignored. Characters, the world and the title of this story Breaking Dawn,ch 9 all belong jakeqard Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement intended. The raindrops hit his eyes, blurring his vision just so that everything was slightly out of focus. As he sped through the trees he could hear the water splashing on the rocks and the ground around him. His ears could separate each sound as if it were huge chunks of ice rather than water pouring down from the sky.

His paws sank deep into the wet moss on every step with a satisfactory squish. He rarely got tired, but when he did, it felt good too.

Exhaustion was another distraction. Running on low energy for tue periods of time without hunting made him delirious. It was the freedom the cut-the-bullshit-feel to it that helped him spend all the anger in him.

jakeward aka lindalu | FanFiction

He was literally racing against his thoughts. He tried to outrun them, most of the time he succeeded. He had become an expert. Yeah, Jacob loved running.

It was that need, now explainable but still a pain in the ass, that guided his steps to the direction he was now heading. He rarely phased back anymore, except when he came here. There were more trees, more greenness and more wetness as the forest grew thicker. The human part of his brain always started surfacing whenever he returned.


The closer he got, the more coherent thoughts flooded into his mind. Less instinct, more memories. Instantly, as if called, a burst of broken images came to him.

That’s why the wolf life suited him perfectly. It was so effortless. That proved his theories right on why people had so many issues. They thought too much.

When he was approaching the invisible border, the rain intensified. Yep, definitely back jakewrd Forks. After a few more minutes of squishing he did cross the border, nothing noticeable in the forest, but his head was another matter altogether. Just for a few… Jake, please. Bheind never stops asking for you.

Play the guild card, Sam.

Now get the fuck out of my head. He took another speed spurt, bouncing off of a fallen tree trunk. Not like it jwkeward to go faster. So no point avoiding it. He knew they could hear, but he ignored all of it. Better get this done fast. The faster he phased, the faster he could phase back and get out. Like ripping off a band aid. One, two, three, four, five, six… …. And finally they were gone. Back into beehind, letting him have his peace.

It had been nice to feel them even for a few minutes. Another thing he missed about them was that they knew when to back off.

They knew him, in and out. They were his pack after all. Although, sometimes they got carried away. One year they had actually come after him and found him.

They always got to him, damned. But only when he came back. He would never return for good anyway. Another hour of running, up the hill, through the endless trees, across the roaring river, up another hill and finally he knew he was close.

He halted before he could see it. Better to draw a few calming human breaths, walk on two legs. He had noticed it helped to keep himself together. The rain had turned into a drizzle and it was getting foggy. He shook himself thoroughly, out of jaoeward, and concentrated.

Every year it got harder. He focused on his human body, his arms and legs, his face. He focused on the non-animal part of his brain that was getting smaller and smaller over the years.

And then he was shrinking. In a split second he was on his knees. His whole body trembled with post-transformation shock, but he shook it off fairly quickly and got up as soon as he felt well enough, swaying only a little before finding his balance.


He touched his face, just to check if it felt the same and pushed a couple of stray strands from his face. Stretching and flexing his arms he took a deep breath. Okay, just get it over with. It was the pull and so he could find this place even in his sleep. Even when she was a corpse.

He was stalking a corpse. A pile of bones that had long ago lost all the connection to the living being that they had once been part of. There were perks in being a werewolf, but this was far from any of them.

His heart sped up. The thumping in his chest got louder, but it was calming. At least one of them was alive. He continued, matching his steps along his heartbeat. It felt wrong walking on two feet, but amazing at the same time.

He hated to admit it, but he missed some human traits. They burned his brain and his skin every time he phased. Like his human senses were somehow stronger and more sensitive than they should be.

He never thought of them in his wolf form, but things like talking and using his hands instead of his teeth felt awesome after months of running on all fours. He definitely missed that. He grabbed a branch from the tree next to him and yanked it off with force, smashing it with a yell. A couple more minutes and he saw the grayish light through the trees.

He started to run, pushing the tree branches out of his way and reached the edge in seconds. The grave was located in a clearing, a meadow type thing. Creepily and too symmetrically round, it stood alone in one of the deepest parts of the forest. The leech had probably constructed it for him and his bloodsucking friends for some disturbing purpose, before making it the place of worship that it was now. It was flawless, wet, dark grass covering the ground.