Try Googling (Behringer)(mx)(manual) without parens. BEHRINGER products by purchasing the MX It is one compartmentalized the EURODESK manual into sections, making it easy to find problem solving. BEHRINGER EURODESK MX MANUAL DOWNLOAD – View and Download Behringer EuroDesk MX user manual online. BEHRINGER.

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Log in Become a member. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review. Our members also liked: Sort by most majual most useful. Simple manual but not very useful, everything is pretty clear on the console. The EQ is simple but it works all right. It was my first “big” console and I haven’t had the chance to compare it to any others.

Unbeatable value for money given its possibilities.

It sounds really good, there’s not much to add. Did you find this review helpful? There are inserts everywhere, triple sub-group outputs, etc. Get the manual to learn more! USE It’s a classic mixing console But be careful, depending on the version, the direct outs aren’t wired the same way, on the first manuql they are post-fader!! The bar-graph can display either the 24 mic or the 24 line inputs.

Behringer eurodesk mx8000 owners manual – Behringer Music

It makes much less noise than the brand’s modern consoles! Two years Did you try any other models before buying this one? The bar-graph is really handy, as well as the dual monitoring section The routing possibilities are huge thanks to the 8 sub-groups, 6 auxs and 24 inline inputs Based on your experience, would you buy this product again?

It’s one of the most comprehensive analog mixers I’ve seen. There are certainly better ones, but they cost 10 times as much! After a day of use I am very far from being disillusioned! First generation table like a mackie, it’s sublime! I have the first copy of the series mackie! No breath unless you push the knobs!


User reviews: Behringer Eurodesk MX – Audiofanzine

Nothing to add to what has been said already. Truly impressive connection options for the price. The direct outs are particularly useful. I use it in my home studio to record and mix together with an Akai DtD. I use my PC for midi. USE Very, very comprehensive and simple.

And inserts and direct outs on every channel. The routing is very flexible. Personally, I have a lot of fun routing the direct outs to other tracks. Although that’s a matter of taste. Without a doubt its weakest point. Fortunately, thanks to the flexible routing, you can get round the problem processing the signal with a real EQ. Personally, I use the mixer’s EQ for backup vocals and use specific rack gear for the main vocals.

One channel doesn’t work anymore and 2 or 3 faders have issues. I love the number of channels and the ultra-comprehensive configuration possibilities. I tested a Spirit. But I needed more channels. Exceptional value for money in my particular case. I would certainly buy it again. I will use it very little to record or mix. To sum it up: I’m very satisfied with the services this nice console has provided me.

I’ll be the first to write in this section. I went this weekend to Germany to get it. It has all the features of a big console which rarely have effects! It’s a real treat to use! I have nothing much to say in this regard, except that the faders on mine feel way too smooth, I would’ve preferred them to offer a little more resistance.

You get what you pay for. No noise I tested it with a Neumann as overhead mic Otherwise, there’s not much to add. Would I buy it again? Unbeatable value for money!!!

For an amateur home studio It’s a real delight. A real pro would want and can certainly pay more!!! Behringer has lost its pro against Mackie, because this table was a carbon copy of Mackie, Behringer for the next version to simply changed the presentation of the table, including changing the knobs couleure to differentiate themselves from the Mackie!!


One has the impression that anything is possible in terms of routing and connectivity. It is true that it throws in a studio, the number of channels is an additional comfort: A good machine, very interesting opportunity. Headband complete bargraphs option.

Its separate power supply and weight inspire confidence Manual in English, but not off-color, with handy synopsis. You really have to push very hard to recover breath. Otherwise, this console sounds “neutral”, it berhinger no specific staining, and personal, I like.

Certainly there are better, but we’ll have to break the piggy bank Pumped back to the Mackie, the MX found in undeniable qualities and his abundant connections can do just about anything you want.

Well, at risk of being down in flames by all critics of the brand and there are manyI am sorry to say that Behringer has not come out as dung, and this console is an illustration. I bought it at the time being not sure of the keep. Well it is clear that benringer is still there, the matron, and I never had rurodesk technical problem.

Well it makes quite a gas plant, worthy of some bikes a lot, but really much more expensive. I regularly handles large consoles with names that make you dream.

We certainly can not compare, but still: What more to this price? Especially as the market opportunity, we can reach in good condition at ridiculous prices. The value for money: I would do if this choice? Just to say I Fully agree with my prdcesseur!

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