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Anders, gibt es irgendeine besondere Verbindung zu Hamburg? I will answer in English. So, to answer your question in a short way, I go for Hamburg, I go for every city, I go most of all for people, where I find people that I can identify myself with.

We are related to each other and if you have that kind of approach, you will see that many doors are opening up for you. And this is what is happening to me. I am more a happy type than a photographer, actually.

But you know how it is: So I am not interested then. Yes I am interested in photography, but in a special way. I am more interested in people, situations, to meet and to get to know more and to learn more, because as you understand the fornular tool that you have, ebwirtungskosten camera that you have, is the key to open up doors and you are bewirtungzkosten just standing there knocking on doors, you are really opening up.

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It is thanks to the camera. There is a reason. This is what I want to say. And if you are interested in what is behind a surface, which I am, this is a lovely tool to have.

There are formulsr of my friends I have been shooting, I have been taking pictures of maybe fifty years ago and they are still my friends. And many people are inviting me to their birthdays, to their sons birthdays or their daughters birthdays or marriages or whatever.

Anders, gehst du heute immer noch mit deiner Kamera ins Bett?

This is the kind of relation I have to the people who I am taking pictures of. It is very back to basic. And I am beeirtungskosten much for that kind of primitive platform in my approach to people. I think stupid is a good word, because it helps photographers if they are, you know.


Or, perhaps you can use another word than stupid, perhaps innocence is better. To keep the innocent eye is very important. The eyes of children, I think that is important when you try to survive.

To avoid all the commercial traps around you with dignity, with a kind of dignity.

Ich frage dich immer auf deutsch, weil wir fomrular gestern so ausgemacht haben. But this I very typical for photographers, they are very shy.

They have a camera.

One of the reasons. On the other hand, it helps in many ways to have a camera. As a matter of fact, to be a photographer is not so interesting really. What is interesting is, what is coming out. For me, it is like a therapy. You have many questions…! Nein, ich frage nicht alle Fragen, keine Angst. Gab es, gibt es eigentlich Gemeinsamkeiten mit den Leuten, die du auf diesen Fotos hast? Also, ich frage mich, wie war bewirtuungskosten deine Relation zu denen? But of course, of course.

As I told you, we are all people, you know? We are… Back bewirtungskosyen there, we are the same, you know.

If I would, for instance, if they are calling me from the royal castle fogmular Stockholm and the queen, Sylvia, would like to have a portrait of her, so what am I supposed to formklar Am I supposed to take a picture of her as a queen or am I supposed to take a picture of her as a sister?

Of course, as a sister! And this is how it is. If Bewirtuntskosten take a picture of someone who killed, a murderer, am I supposed to shoot him as a murderer? No, of course not. This is back to basic and this is so important.

You are not supposed to be seduced by the surface. You have to go for what is inside. And this is a way to shoot, this is also a way to live your life. Whatever you are doing, whatever kind of profession you have.


Probably, my profession is not being a photographer. And okay, I thought, yes, I formulwr try. So, very concretely I put the camera in my bed. And then I slept with the camera. It was a little bit unbequem, but on the other hand, all these unbequem things or all this uncomfortable things, the harshness of the body was disappearing after a while.

And after a while, I even liked it. So, I liked it and I really started to join my camera.

FREELENS Anders, gehst du heute immer noch mit deiner Kamera ins Bett?

It almost went into my body as a third arm. But if you try this, you will see how your attitude towards the camera is changing, how easy it is to shoot.

And how fast it goes. And at the same time, bewirtungsosten have to learn all the techniques concerning the camera, you know. So you can focus and concentrate on what you really are up to.

And if you, for instance, are taking a portrait of someone you love, then the only thing that is something is the love. The tool is not supposed to be in between. It has just to follow your feelings. And if you train it, you will succeed. Bewirtungskkosten train this way, you fromular succeed. No, I have trained that part of photography so much and it goes rather quick when I shoot, anywhere.

Not in the bed. But on the other hand, I have it here all the time. So, it is what it is, you know. But when I was 23 years old, I understood everything. I am pretty sure, yeah, no problem.

But now I am very hesitating… So, do you have more questions? Zum Inhalt springen Interview. Maria Feck Nein, ich frage nicht alle Fragen, keine Angst. Anders, gehst du heute immer noch mit deiner Kamera ins Bett? Eingestellt von Paula Tamm. Zuletzt bearbeitet am