GM7 V6.x – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 3 Motherboard Manual Motherboard Layout Note: □ represents the 1st pin. 4 GM7 CHAPTER 2: HARDWARE INSTALLATION Install Central. Biostar | GM7 V6.x | Owner’s Manual | Biostar GM7 V6.x Owner’s Manual The content of this user’s manual is subject to be changed without notice and.

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These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

There is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. The vendor makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents here and specially disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any purpose. Further the vendor reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes to the contents here without obligation to notify any party beforehand. All the brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

Specifications In Other Languages Before you start installing the motherboard, please make sure you follow the instructions below: Hold the board on the edge, do not try to bend or flex the board. Loose parts will cause short circuits which may damage the equipment.

Sharp pins on headers and connectors Rough edges and sharp corners on the chassis Damage to wires that could cause a short circuit 1. The package contents may be different due to the sales region or models in which mannual was sold.

For more information about the standard package in your region, please contact your dealer or sales representative. However, biosrar connecting external microphone to the audio port, please use the Line In blue and Mic In Pink audio jack. Locate the CPU socket on the motherboard Note: Remove Pin Cap before installation, and make good preservation for future use.

Pull the socket locking lever out from the socket and then raise the lever up to a degree angle. Look for the triangular cut edge on socket, and the golden dot on CPU should point forwards this triangular cut edge. Hold the CPU down firmly, and then lower the lever to locked position to complete the g4-1m7.

The CPU fits only in one correct orientation. Place the CPU fan assembly on top of the installed CPU and make sure that the four fasteners match the motherboard holes. Orient the assembly and make the fan cable is closest to the CPU fan connector.

Biostar G41-M7 Setup Manual

Press down two fasteners at one time in a diagonal sequence to secure the CPU fan assembly in place. Ensure that all four fasteners are secured. Do not forget to connect the CPU fan connector. For proper installation, please kindly refer to the installation manual of your CPU heatsink. The fan cable and connector may be different due to the fan manufacturer.


Connect the fan cable to the connector while matching the black wire to pin 1. System Fan Header Note: When connecting with wires onto connectors, please note that the red wire is the positive and should be connected to pin 2, and the black wire is Ground and should be connected to GND.

DDR2 module Step 1: Unlock a DIMM slot by pressing the retaining clips outward. If the DIMM does not go in smoothly, do not force it. Pull it all the way out and try again. Install memory module of the same density in pairs, shown biostr the table.

PCI-Express supports a raw bit-rate of 2. This PCI slot is designated as 32 bits. Read the related expansion card’s instruction document before install the expansion card into the computer. Remove your computer’s chassis cover, screws and slot bracket from the computer.

Place a card in the expansion slot and press down on the card until it is completely seated in the slot. Replace your computer’s chassis cover.

Power on the computer, if necessary, change BIOS settings for the expansion card. Install related driver for biostad expansion card. Please carefully follow the procedures to avoid damaging the motherboard. Remove AC power line. Wait for five seconds.

Power on the AC. Reset your desired password g41-m clear the CMOS data. Insufficient power supplied to the system may result in instability or the peripherals not functioning properly.

Use of a PSU with a higher power output is recommended when configuring a system with more power-consuming devices. Headers for USB 2. The IDE connector can connect a master and a slave drive, so you can connect up to two hard disk drives. Download the proper BIOS from www. Choose the position to save file and enter file name. After the saving process, finish dialog will show. Please do not open any other applications during this process.

While the system boots up and the full screen logo shows, press key to enter BIOS biiostar. BIOS Update is completed. Online Update Utility 1. Please make sure the system is connected to the internet before using this function. An open dialog will giostar up to request your biostaar to start the BIOS update.

Click Yes to start the online update procedure. If there is a new BIOS version, the utility will ask you to download it. Click Yes to proceed. After the download is completed, you will kanual asked to program update the BIOS or not.

Biostar G41-M7 V6.x instruction manual and user guide

After the updating process boostar finished, manusl will be asked ibostar to reboot the system. Click OK to reboot. Shutting down or resetting the system while updating the BIOS will lead to system boot failure. Go to the website to download the latest BIOS file for the motherboard. A select dialog as the picture on the right appears. The utility will show the BIOS files and their respective information. After the update process, the utility will ask you to mnaual the system.


Insert the Setup DVD to the optical drive. The driver installation program would appear if the Autorun function has been enabled.

Select Software Installation, and then click on the respective software title. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. All the information and content about following software are subject to be changed without notice. For better performance, the software is being continuously updated. The information and pictures described below g41m-7 for your reference only. The actual information and settings on board may be slightly different from this manual.

Launching Software After the installation process is completed, maual will see the software icon showing on the desktop. Double-click the icon to launch it. This utility will collect the system information which is useful for analyzing the problem you may have encountered, and then send these information to our tech-support department to help you fix the problem.

Before you use this utility, please set Outlook Express as your default e-mail client application program. Without this information, you may not be able to send out the mail.

Provide the e-mail address that you would like to send the copy to. Provide the name of the power supply manufacturer and the model no.

Biostar GM7 User`s manual |

Send the mail out. Save these information to a. If you want to save this information to a. Your system information will be saved to a. This information is also concluded in the sent mail.

If you are not using Outlook Express as your default e-mail client application, you may need to save the system information to a. Go to the following web http: You can choose BMP as your boot logo so as to customize your computer. Please follow the following instructions to update boot logo: You will see the following window after you insert the DVD The setup guide will auto detect your motherboard and operating system.

EXE under your optical drive. Driver Installation To install the driver, please click on the Driver icon.