This manual will familiarize you with the assembly, operation, and The patented BeerGun® is the lowest foaming and lowest oxygen pickup filler on the market them or have any questions, contact your retailer or Blichmann Engineering™. The Blichmann Beer Gun is one such device; I recently acquired one and once First up, heed the warnings on the instructions–the beer gun is not designed to. In this video I set up my Blichmann bottle filler beer gun. There are of course instructions, the filler itself, beer line, and a cleaning brush is all you get with the.

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This tutorial covers how to bottle your fermented beverage from a keg using the Blichmann Beer Gun. It also forces you down the paths of producing either an uncarbonated beverage or one instruchions is primed with a small amount of sugar in the bottle to cause a controlled fermentation that carbonates the contents of the sealed bottles…this latter approach has implications for clarity, as a bottle-carbonated beverage will instructioons yeast sediment in it that is not as prevalent in a force-carbonated scenario…i.

The Screwy Brewer: Setting Up The Blichmann BeerGun™

The beer gun itself is pretty simple—like the Internet, it is a series of tubesexcept that, instead of data delivery, it has one tube for CO2 delivery and another that sits inside the CO2 tube for liquid delivery. The rest is just trigger and connection pieces for gas and liquid, as well as a stopper that halts the liquid flow until you depress the trigger. It comes with an intsructions set that covers assembly it comes assembled in-box; you need to disassemble it, sanitize the components, and reassemble it before first useconnecting the gas and beer lines to the beer gun, and how to fill bottles with it.


The instructions are adequate for these purposes. First up, heed the warnings on the instructions —the beer gun is not designed to handle more than 15 psi of pressure, for instance, and is better around 5 psi in my experience high pressure will result in a lot of foaming as you attempt to fill the bottles. This is a dispensing configuration with the keg under pressure constant pressure.

How To Use The Blichmann Beer Gun Bottle Filler

I will, however, mention that I found it a bit more effective to keep the bottle at a tilted angle for most of the fill, rather than just for the beginning of the fill as recommended by the instructions. It is also noticeably harder to fill the bottles to the top with the beer gun, as foam-overs are pretty easy to do and it takes some practice not to produce them. From there it depends on your setup. Eber, the beer gun is a great way to bottle beer from a keg, allowing more flexibility around planning your bottling activities and adding the advantages of forced carbonation, zero carbonation wait time after bottling, clarity, and CO2 bottle purging over bottle-carbonation.


I am planning on getting one of these but I have a question for you.

If I do they begin to leak CO2 from the seals. I ggun new seals and use the seal grease on them. I am currently using the standard bottling wand and it works great at 5 PSI but as I said I loose a ton of CO2 out of my keg in the process.

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How To Bottle With The Blichmann Beer Gun – Cidersage

Bottle a clearer, force-carbonated beverage than you can get with bottle carbonation. Purge your bottles of oxygen prior to filling with a blast of CO2 into the bottle not an option in the standard, gravity-bottling approach. Hi Mike, Thanks for your comment. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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