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Blanke, John Bridgetower, George A. Chapman Nyaho, William H. Zick, Webmaster, wzick ameritech. Zick All rights reserved for celdo content of AfriClassical. Brazilian Music With Baroque Inspiration. The works he writes, performs and publishes are played by guitarists in both classical and world music genres.

Zick interviewed Celso Machado by phone on May 17, Celso explained that a second book of his sheet music would cflso called Brazilian Music With Baroque Inspiration.

Celso was the second-youngest of six brothers.

When he was about 2 his father died. At age 7 he began performing in street bands. For about a year, he and his younger brother Carlinhos lived with an Aunt and a Grandmother. It is reproduced at the guitarist’s Web site. The reporter observes that Machado is constantly making music with whatever is at hand. That was inand I was already teaching quite a bit. The guitar was nothing fancy, but it was so great to have one of my own at last that I almost cried.

Little by little Celso was able to put together a career as a solo artist, performing in bars and theatres, even appearing on TV.

Despite the pleasure of being reunited with his brothers, it was a difficult time. There were so many promises made to me – but for a long time they never came to anything. Celso began his international career in the following year,at the Festival of Brazil in London, England. Rougier invited Celso to visit him at his home in the South of France, near Toulouse. During the visit, Thierry Rougier introduced his guest to organizers of various guitar festivals.


He also helped Celso put his compositions on paper. In the two guitarists recorded a vinyl album, Imagens do Nordeste. Zick, Celso was asked how many years he had stayed in France.

He replied that he was paarzula France for nearly 5 years, from to the beginning of Between those years, in I came to Canada, from France.

That was the first time I came to Canada. My brother just patazula from Brazil in to join me there. In ’86 we shuttled between France and Italy. So I flew from France to Canada in ’86, after I came back it was just for a few weeks or a month in Canada. I went back to France again. Celso added that he still returns to France frequently.

More by Celso Machado

Over the next six years the multi-talented guitarist made many visits to Psrazula. In the interview For AfriClassical. I became a Landed Immigrant in Music for Two Guitars, Dorian Recordings It includes three works which Machado composed: The guitarists are Mqchado Gray and Ronald Pearl.

Capivara was a nominee for in the ‘World Music Album of the Year’ category. Varal includes Canto de Escravo Slaves Songa song whose lyrics pay homage to the Afro-Brazilian slaves who once worked Brazil’s sugar plantations. Surucua Art Productions is Celso Machado’s personal label. Zick asked Celso if he had written a work for the Zagreb Guitar Quartet. Celso replied that he had: I had to adapt to a version for 4 guitars because I knew they were such great guitarists.


So I made this version for them He was asked what he called the project, and replied: My whole career I have been fascinated by Barroco Music.

Celso Machado, Afro-Brazilian Guitarist & Composer

I still feel that sparked my composing since that time. Publication of Machado’s sheet music has resulted in many performances by other guitarists. In the interview for AfriClassical and AfriClassical. We could call them master classes, but I prefer mschado work with a guitar group of around 8 people. It is actually a pretty good number.

Celso contrasted his method with the practice he has often observed in other settings: Normally in master classes that I have experienced, a teacher comes to the room and picks one person at a time. I don’t think that’s a good idea to work individually. Basically, if I am in the room with maybe 15, 20 or however many people, I prefer to make everyone play together at the same time.

Selected examples of his works on such CDs are: Algodao Doce, Musique populaire brasilienne: The concert was a great success. Then, as the subsequent recording sessions heated up, two more young Torontonians — singers Eliana Cuevas and Guiomar Campbell — stirred their sonic spices into the delicious musical stew that is now Jogo de Vida. They were happy to show me what they knew. I wrote an adaptation of a piece I have for 8 guitars.