CSSna,. cIONITA! TAKE YOUR CESSNA HOME. FOR SERVICE AT THE SION. OF THE CESSNA SHIELD”. Cessna. Skyhawk. CEssNA MODEL M. _. Cessna M Skyhawk, aircraft specs, performance chart, checklists, manual, weight and balance calculator and images. as Model M under FAA Type Certificate No. 3A The manual also covers operation of the Reims/Cessna F Skyhawk which is certificated as Model.

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Cessna M – (POH Part 2) Operating Checklist

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Any idea where I can prchase a copy of the above applicable to my aircraft pon no Brian on Jan 23, This one had me stumped for quite some time. Apologies for the delay in response, but thankfully I figured it out: Nathan Parker on Jan 23, However, you can get an information manual here: Sorry if I hurt someones feelings.


On a serious note, pog aircraft was produced prior to, and exempt from, the aircraft specific AFM regulation requirement Our mechanics put them together and wrote the aircraft tail number inside the poh. Tony Rae on Jan 24, Thanks Brian and Nathan for the info. However any idea where I can find the email address for Cessna. Nathan Parker on Jan 24, Brian on Jan 23, This one had ccessna stumped for quite some time.

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