Transcript of UNIÓN ESÓFAGO-GÁSTRICA. VISIÓN ENDOSCÓPICA UNIÓN ESÓFAGO- GÁSTRICA COMPLICACIONES LÍNEA Z/UEC. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for clasificacion de praga esofago de barrett pdf download. Will be grateful for any help! Top. Recomendaciones para vigilancia y seguimiento de esófago de Barrett . De acuerdo a la clasificación histológica de Jass y Filipe la MI gástrica se divide en.

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Existe evidencia suficiente para declarar a la tuberculosis como enfermedad ocupacional en diversos profesionales especialmente entre los trabajadores de salud. Resumen Las cepas de E. Estudios sobre el papel de las E. Con base en estudios que reportan la presencia de E. Neuroimagen en la enfermedad de Alzheimer: Poblacion estelar joven embebida en la nube molecular galactica asociada a la fuente IRAS Otros pasos de la seleccion, se basan en los diagramas color-color y color-magnitud con datos del cercano infrarrrojo de 2MASS.

We checked parameters based on ISO standards, the recommendations of scientific and editorial organisations, and studies of scientific editing and international publishing practices for biomedical journals. Diffusion was calculated using national and international databases, specialised libraries in Spain, and Internet sources.

The analysis of the scientific content and publication practices was based on bibliometric indicators for the journal, authorship, and contributions. The sample for this study comprised six alternate issues of volume number 88the last issue of this volume, and the first issue of volume 89 The samples used for the bibliometric analysis varied depending on the characteristics of specific indicators and the availability of information.

The overall mean value for compliance with standards was The editorial procedures at the journal are similar to those of analogous international journals.

Bibliometric indicators showed co-authorship to be 5. The mean delay between initial receipt of a manuscript and its publication was days. Cocitation analysis gave the journal a central position amongst the 38 Spanish biomedical journals considered representative of the field.

This institution has national responsibility for cancer prevention, detection, treatment, education, and research and is currently organizing satellite treatment centers in other parts of the country. In the Institute became the first hospital in Peru with a formal postgraduate training system for various medical disciplines, clasifcacion surgical oncology and medical oncology.

So far we have trained about surgical oncologists who are working in all parts of Peru. Research will be directed mainly toward new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, multidisciplinary tumor therapy, and large-scale bsrret screening.

The Institute focuses on early detection and prevention of cancer and is active in breast self-examination education and antismoking campaigns. It enjoys community support evidenced in the women’s organization, Adainen, involved in fundraising; women volunteers give at least 4 hr service per week to the Institute. The Institute has grown from 9, patients seen per year in its early days toattendances in We report 56 cases of ovary Krukenberg tumor at Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades NeoplAsicas en relation to microscopic diagnosis, primary origin and clinicopathologic correlation.

The patients ranged from 18 to 84 years. The most frecuent primary tumor was stomach 33 Abdominal swelling and pain usually accounted for the clinical presentation. Ascitis, abnormal vaginal bleeding. It is important the correct diagnosis of Krukenberg tumor. We recommended frozen section. The prognosis is very poor. In the field of infectious diseases and clinical microbiology, the evaluation of cpasificacion tests DT is an important research oraga.


The specific difficulties of this type of przga has motivated that have not caught the severity methodological of others areas of clinical research.

Forty-five articles was selected in the EIMC journal during the period, because of determinate the sensitivity and specificity of different DT. Methodological standards, extensively accepted was used. The methodological quality of Coasificacion research in the EIMC journal may improve in different aspects of design and presentation of results.

A retrospective study of the year ]. We reviewed all volumes of the REED and randomly selected references from these volumes.

Nine citations of non-journal articles were excluded and the remaining 91 citations were carefully scrutinized. Each original article was compared for author’s name, title of article, name of journal, volume number, year of publication and pages.

Some type of error was detected in Errors were found in authors A single error was found in 42 citations, 2 were found in 13 and 3 were found in 1.

REED’s rate of error in references is comparable to the rates of other spanish and international journals.

Authors should exercise more care in preparing bibliographies and should invest more effort in verification of quoted references. Published by Elsevier Inc.

There is growing concern for promoting equality between sexes and full barre of women in research activities. EIMC records for were obtained from the Science Citation Index database and differences according to sex were calculated for the following indicators: A total of 2, authors were identified, 1, The greatest of contribution from women was in original articles There were significant differences regarding the number of papers published and the number of collaborators; with greater productivity for men and a higher rate of collaboration for women.

Studies on scientific activity according to gender provide essential information to establish the basis for a policy of equality in this regard.

Nevertheless, the presence of women in positions of high productivity remains low. The causes of this difference should be identified and corrected. Collaboration is essential for biomedical research. The Carlos III Health Institute the Spanish national public organization responsible for promoting biomedical research has encouraged scientific collaboration by promoting Thematic Networks and Cooperative Research Centres.

Bibliometrics and Social Network Analysis methods have been carried out in order to quantify and characterise scientific collaboration and research areas. Ds total of papers generated by 2, authors and institutions have been analysed.

There were 36 research groups involving authors identified. The Collaboration Index for articles was 5. Notable collaboration and citation rates have been baret. Research is focused on diseases with the highest mortality rates caused by infectious diseases in Spain. A revision of the clinical-pathological records indentified and a new reading of the pathology slides of clasifiacion cases found were performed. EP was pfaga found on male patients In one case, EP was located on the gluteal region, and showed an unusually invasive behavior and rectal involvement.


We conclude that EP is a rather uncommon entity in Peru.

Its most common location is on dr foot and it affects mostly male patients for the most part. This was a descriptive retrospective study of original research articles published in REED between and The barrett assessed were: The interval between acceptance and publication increased from days to days in this period p [Clinical-pathological features and survival in young women with cervical cancer: To determine the clinical and histological characteristics and prognostic factors of cervical cancer CC in young Peruvian patients.

The main histological types were: The average tumor size was 4. Overall 5-year survival was Elevated creatinine, anemia, clasificacioon size, parametrial involvement and hydronephrosis were factors that affected survival.

No significant relation was found between histological type and survival. The presence of anemia adjusted hazard ratio [aHR]: Cervical cancer in young Peruvians is diagnosed in advanced stages. Overall survival in each stage is similar to the reported in older patients. The importance of conventional prognosis- related factors was confirmed. Anemia was an important independent prognostic factor requiring further investigations.

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Culture and Illness Cultura y Enfermedad. Every culture has unique attitudes and values toward health and sickness. This article explores Mexican medical culture on native, folk and scientific levels, and its effect on national health and medical practice.

Estrellas ds con d extrasolares vs. In this contribution we initially confront physical properties of two groups of stars: The Planet Host Star group has one or more planet mass object associated and the Vega-like stars have circumstellar disks.

We have compiled magnitudes, colors, parallaxes, spectral types, etc.

enfermedad hipertensiva asociada: Topics by

We find that the samples are very similar in metallicities, ages, and spatial distributions. Our analysis suggests that the circumstellar environments are probably different while the central objects have similar physical properties. This difference may explain, at least in part, why the Planet Host Stars form extra-solar planetary objects such as those detected by the Doppler abrret while the Vega-like objects are not commonly associated with these planet-mass bodies.

We present a critical review on the paper “Densities, Potentials and related functions for a spherical reduced galaxy” by A. Actitudes Haci la Enfermedad Mental: Revision Bibliografica Attitudes toward Mental Brret In this work, some of the most important instruments used to measure attitudes toward mental illness were analysed.

A revision of different experimental investigations which studied attitudes toward mental illness among general public, mental health professionals and patients and their relatives was made. Some of the strategies applied to change…. Extrinsic allergic alveolitis is an interstitial lung disease caused by exposure to a variety of inhaled antigens.