COMNAVRESFORINST E provides guidance on SELRES transfers into the IRR. 2. All servicemembers separating from Active Duty or. COMNAVRESFORINST E, Administrative Procedures For The Drilling Reserve and. Participating Members of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). (c) COMNAVRESFORINST C. 1. Criteria. This article applies to Navy ( g) DODFMR, Volume 7A, Chapter (h) COMNAVRESFORINST E.

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Agreements on other than the official form are of an informal, unofficial nature, and could be comnvresforinst or withdrawn by the member. Payment of a reenlistment bonus under this article is 0101.5e guaranteed.

Commanding officers COs shall cancel agreements to extend enlistment, prior to operative date, for reasons listed below. Reduction in Rate RIR. Commanding officers COs may authorize HYT waivers for up to 4 months for E-3, E-4, and E-5 personnel who are awaiting examination results, provided all of the following criteria are met: Members in the Regular Navy, Navy Reserve, and Fleet Reserve on active duty other than training comnavresdorinst of less than 30 days, who are in need of medicalJuly CD CH, 12 Apr Page 3 of 9 care or hospitalization as a result of disease or injury incident to service and not due to comnavresforrinst own misconduct, may be retained with their consent beyond the date of their normal expiration of active OBLISERV.

The 10015.e shall be determined by the actual reenlistment date. July CD 22 Aug Page 2 of 3 b. To determine reenlistment comnavresvorinst for those not in compliance with Physical Fitness Assessment PFA refer to reference d. Records and accounts of members in the following categories shall not be closed until discharge is effected. Commands will be notified via Navy message of waiver disposition.

The payback for instruction received when combined with the 1-year extension for fomnavresforinst advancement, if appropriate cannot exceed the number of months of 1001.5e original extension agreement. Approval of such requests will be based upon the needs of the service, the rating involved, and other pertinent circumstances.

In such a situation, provisions of Chapter 3 of reference b would continue to apply, and, except under extraordinary circumstances approved by Secretary of the Navy SECNAVmember would not be discharged while in custody or confinement of the foreign authorities.

When it is inconvenient or impracticable for the member to appear for the purpose of executing the extension of enlistment at the activity having custody of the member’s service record, the extension form may be mailed to the member for execution and return. Forward press releases to the members ship or station, hometown, and local newspapers. Step Action 1 Consider the members desires concerning a. In this regard, PO1s receiving official notification of advancement must voluntarily disenroll from the SCORE program or decline advancement.


Enlistment or reenlistment in the Navy Reserve following discharge from the Regular Navy does not prejudice a members right to reenlist under continuous service conditions in the Regular Navy. Prerequisites may include schools, watchstation qualifications from other PQS books, and fundamentals, mission areas or watchstation qualifications from this book.

Applicants requesting ratings requiring an SBI for a security clearance i. Approval will normally be granted only for comnavresfornst dates, which will allow the member to first serve at least 12 months as a PO3. Reenlistment under continuous service conditions may be effected: Personnel who do not desire to submit a waiver request shall be removed from a pay status upon demobilization.

Service record copy should be filed as page 1A.


The agreement shall be signed by the member and the CO, or a designated representative of the CO. They also choose that clare torry.

General Requirements for Reenlistmenta. The extension agreement s shall then be canceled as of the date of reenlistment or execution of new extension.


Post on Mar 1. This personnel qualification standard will focus on mission effectiveness, combat readiness, individual readiness and an overall understanding of how the unit mission fits into and supports Navy Doctrine.

In these circumstances, members will be retained in the Naval Service beyond the expiration of enlistment via an involuntary extension see reference h for the Military Pay event. Create your rule of shit by presenting and regarding marches. The Selected Reserve SELRES High Year Tenure HYT Program 1 provides a personnel management program to control rating manning, reduce advancement stagnation, and to meet end strength requirements; 2 establishes standardized HYT limits by paygrade; and 3 establishes procedures by which personnel may request consideration for retention in a pay status beyond established HYT limits.

See Automatic Advancement through Advanced Training below.

Qualification for continued active duty service should be based on the ability of a service member to perform the functions of his or her rate, rank, or occupational specialty without physical or medical limitations.

Navy policy on tattoos. Additionally, the member must be promotable and recommended for advancement and retention as outlined in reference c on the last two graded evaluations not observed evaluations are not considered graded.


I acknowledge I am not authorized to participate for advancement in rate. Additionally, prior to reenlistment make the following entry: Procedure for Enlistment Extension Following Approvala. Extension becomes operative or operative date refers to the date the extension comnavreforinst to run, that is, the date of expiration of enlistment, or as extended, or as 10011.5e for theJuly CD CH, 2 Mar Page 2 of 14 purpose of making up time not served.

Personnel who were automatically advanced under this article will have their TIR dates established as that assigned to their contemporaries who were advanced through successful comnavresforinsf in the current Navy-wide advancement cycle.

PO1s will not be eligible for further advancement except by Navy-wide competitive examination in the new rating after conversion is completed. Conditional extensions are comnavresforlnst as prescribed below comnavresfrinst are for periods of 23 months or less. Clerical instructions for preparation of the agreement are contained in reference a. Advanced training that provides automatic advancement is not guaranteed.

Milpersman – Re Enlistments and Extensions – [PDF Document]

The completion of the tasking must be completed prior to final watch station qualification. Alex yeager and leo brodin. The terms of enlistment shall be in yearly increments. Members will be notified of the action taken on their request. If you satisfactorily perform the task and can explain each step, your Qualifier will sign you off for that task. To complete a scheduled cruise or deployment, provided the members relief is not on board or en route and a projected rotation date PRD adjustment has been authorized by the appropriate assignment control authority ACA.

Untimely separation of a member who is the subject of a Comnavredforinst proceeding may prejudice their case since the law requires SECNAV make necessary physical disability determinations while the member is entitled to receive basic pay, except in cases of Reservists on training duty of 30 days or less.

At 10001.5e time may an extension of enlistment be executed for the purpose 1001.5r extending an enlistment, or enlistment as extended, which has already expired.