I am stringing together a group of modules. We completed Mos Shuuta at the moment are in Crates of Krayts combined with an old. CRATES OF KRAYTS “Who in their right mind would transport even a single krayt dragon across interstellar space?” – Pash, seasoned smuggler. Crates of Krayts begins play shortly after the events of Long Arm of the Hutt. Our HEROES have assisted in the demise of Teemo the Hutt which created a power.

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Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. We need your help to maintenance krayst website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Ideally, the Player Characters should have an interest in smuggling. Before begmning, the Game Master should read the entire adventure.

For God’s Sake, Give Me A Flowchart

The players should create their characters, buy equipment. While this adventure introduces game concepts and rules. They should establish at least a broad reason for knowing each other and working together. Sinasu is a moderately connected crime lord. The adventure starts with the PCs already at the pickup location.

The small crtes rs kilometers outside of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine. The PCs’ ship is in a docking bay near the canyon rim. The adventure opens wrth Jora. One item is a crate of krayt dragon eggs, kayts with an incubator A much craes and stronger crate holds very young krayt dragon.

Both crates require monitoring. The incubator is old and temperamental. The PCs must get the cargo safely back up to their shrp. They blast off and head either for orbit.

The PCs eventually make the jump to hyperspace. Throughout the trip, the crew must work to ,rayts the incubator functional and the dragon under sedation. They also have an opportunity to interact with each other and take care of personal gear or the shrp itself When the PCs arrive at the crty-planet of Nar Shaddaa, they find that Greentop.

They must make their own dockmg arrangements and deal with unscrupulous docking bay personnel The PCs must investigate what happened to the platform and ‘or figure out where to make contact with the Hutt or his people.


To make matters worse. It krayhs deep in the city’s lower levels. They fly down to deliver the crates After arrival or along the way. A battle ensues in the shop. The battle turns rnto a chase. After succeeding in their escape. Sinasu directs the PCs to a little-used starport where he takes his leave of them or an alternate location if things have gone poorlySinasu disembarks with the crates assuming they’ve survrved.

He relieves the PCs of a portion of their Obligation, and might even give them a bonus for the rescue. The Player Characters may create a specific reason for the Obligation owed, or Sinasu might have simply fronted half of the funds requrred to acqurre therr shrp the base assumption for the adventure The Player Characters might regard their relationship as mutually beneficial or a reluctant.

Sinasu is crrates interested in resu jrayts. He rs ruthless and unforgiving, but also influential and a great source of opportunities. While thrs mission is best suited to smugglers. Smasu feels the interest he has rn their shrp or venture gives him enough pull to convince other types of characters. Characters who find working for the Hutt morally repugnant might go along on the promrse that success will bring them one step closer to removing his influence from their lives.

If nothing else works. Sinasu can always threaten to repossess their ship. Some sections contarn suggested alterations to the adventure itself for certain types of Obligation.

The players roll to generate the pool of Destiny Points for the session. It IS a time of civil war Throughout the galaxy. The Rebels scored their first victory.

In the remote Outer Rim Territories. Play begins with the characters meeting Jora. They stand in front of a ramshackle clay structure. Read or paraphrase the following aloud: Vapor Station – once a small community of failing moisture harvesters.

Vapor Station lies at the juncture where a narrow. Crumbling clay structures dot the dry canyon bed. With the canyon floor too narrow and rocky for even small starshtps to land, a docking bay lies near the canyon rim.

You stand in front of a dilapidated clay storage building on the valley floor. Your ship IS in the docking bay above.

Before you is a heavily-scarred Rod tan big game hunter called Jora. He is Sinasu the Hutt’s local mouthpiece. To etther side of Jora are two battered. One IS roughly a one-meter cube, fully enclosed.


It has open slats at the top and upper sides. A fatled check trips the security system. A Despair result cuts power to the servos. The characters can blow open the hatch.

If the PCs try to blow the hatch itself. If they attack the hatch with their ship’s weapons. The hatch isn’t a military grade door.

Edge S1 A18 Crates of Krayts

Either attack draws the attention of a patrol. If the crxtes hunters successfully attached a homtng beacon to the PCs’ ship or speeder. They frequently lose contact.

The PCs might detect one or more speeders with Perception check. The Game Master can tum this into a game of cat and mouse through the pipework to build the suspense. Read the following aloud: The ship descends into a wide open. It is obviously an enormous metal tank around two kilometers across Agmg, dim lights hang from the gently arcmg ceiltng.

The wa ter’s dark surface is about meters from the top of the tank. About a kilometer away. Through the mtddle of the platform ts a large shaft that appears to run from the top of the tank to the bottom. The platform ts about a meter above water level.

TechTank has taken over the matntenance and monitoring platform in the center of the storage tank. The liquid in the tank ts stmple water-treated.

It poses no special danger to the PCs. The platform is about meters in dtameter. Much of tt is flat and open. The shaft is mostly superstructure, with a mechanical drive that raises and lowers the platform with the surface of the water Turbolifts. The PCs can land anywhere there is space to fo so. The PCs can make an AverageLtfl.

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