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Attached Image viewed times: Not logged in – Login Register. The System has the printer built in LK-T Cash drawer is not built in.

Dynapos Cash Drawer Driver

I installed point of success and everything works except the Cash Drawer. I tried the codes from all the printers in Point Of Success but none of them work; I’ve been looking around for codes to put them dynwpos.

Any help would be appreciated. Jeff Ward Administrator Joined: MesaArizona USA. How is the cash drawer controlled?


Monroe County Pennsylvania

Is it controlled by the printer or is it connected to the computer in some other way? I believe it is controlled by the printer; the printer also is built-in.

If so, cd8800 port labeled DK 12 looks like a cash drawer port. Not sure why there are two RJ ports on that computer but DK means drawer kick.

To open the cash drawer: A printer driver must be installed 2. That is the correct diagram!

I’m able to print a windows test page. Two things to check: Make sure the cash drawer is connected to the DK port.

Stands for Drawer Kick-see the drawing above. Now try the codes again. Making a printer the default Windows printer has no bearing on this issue. Yes, I have checked the connection and is connected on the DK port. I have tried like that with all the codes and none dynspos them open the cash drawer.


Has this cash drawer ever worked with this computer? What cable are you using to connect the cash drawer to the computer? Confirm that you are not using a telephone cable to connect the drawer and computer. Yes it worked with the old POS software. I cd8000 able to find a PTcashdrawerkit. I also read that the RJ11 connection might be a serial port connection. If the DK port is a serial port it will not work with Point of Success.

Do you have a technical support contact with the company where this came from who could give you more information? System Requirements and Performance Networking and Database Server Tips, Tricks and Frequently Asked Questions Requests for New Features