Service manual for Epson Stylus Photo TX, TX, PX multifunction devices. Epson Stylus Photo TX Epson Stylus Pro and Pro Service Manual Epson Stylus Color PX TX TX Service Manual & Repair GuideEpson Stylus. [EPUB] Epson Stylus Photo Px Tx Tx Service Manual Repair Guide -. PDF Format. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can.

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Other product names used herein are for identification purpose only and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. EPSON disclaims any and all rights epsno those marks.

Confidential About This Manual This manual describes basic functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance and repair procedures of the printer.

The instructions and procedures included herein are intended for the experienced repair technicians, and attention should be given to the precautions on the preceding page. Manual Configuration This manual consists of six chapters and Appendix.

Indicates an operating or maintenance procedure, practice, or condition that, if not strictly observed, could result in damage to, or destruction of, equipment. May indicate an operating or maintenance procedure, practice or condition that is necessary to accomplish a task efficiently. It may also provide additional information eepson is related to a specific subject, or comment on the results achieved through a previous action. Indicates an operating or maintenance procedure, servicf or condition that, if not strictly observed, could result in injury or loss of life.

Indicates that a particular task must be carried out according to a certain standard after disassembly and before re-assembly, otherwise the quality of the components in question may be adversely affected.

The main features are described below. Print Mode Color Media Table Photo mode uses 1. Print Mode Monochrome Table Make sure to correct the warpage of the paper before use. When printing on an envelope, be sure the flap is folded neatly. Do not use the adhesive envelopes.

Do not use double envelopes and cellophane window envelopes. Basic Specifications Table The combined Temperature and Humidity conditions must be within the blue-shaded range in Fig. When no operation is made for more than 13 minutes, it goes to the low power mode within two minutes.

If the Printhead is not covered with the cap when the printer is off, turn on the printer with the ink cartridge installed, make sure the Printhead is covered with epon cap, and then turn the printer off.

A4, ISO pattern, Plain paper, default mode 1. The following devices sedvice be connected to the USB Host port. Physical Layer Specification Ver. The number of images will not change if a card is inserted in another nonselected slot.

A card that has been inserted into a non-selected slot cannot be accessed.

This is for Windows. For Macintosh, the card in the active slot will be mounted on the desktop. Copy Goes to the stand alone copy mode. Returns to the previous screen during printing maintaining the current settings Setup Goes to the Setup mode that provides maintenance menu head cleaning, head alignment, etc. Menu Goes to the print setting menu screen. Accepts the changed settings. Back Cancels the previous operation. In the Setup mode, the mode LED corresponds to the previous mode lights.


Epson Stylus Photo TX650 Manuals

Mode Lights during the corresponding mode is selected. Preset Scaling Factors Table A scaling factor corresponds to the selected copy layout and zoom setting is displayed on the LCD. Borderless Makes a copy with no white margins. Repeat Copy Makes a specified number of copies of one document on a sheet of selected sized paper. Repeat Copy-4 Makes four copies of one document on a sheet of selected sized paper.

Other than those does not ensure proper operation. Files in a memory card are valid. Maximum number of images –When a memory card stores 1, or more images, the first images are detected and become valid in the printer. The detecting order varies depending on the folder configuration in the card, so which images are included in the first cannot be defined.

However, images specified by camera definition files can be selected to be printed even when the total number of images has exceeded Up to camera defined image files can be specified. Up to sheets in total. Available only when the memory card supports FAT The memory card direct print functions supports level 1 of the P. Thumbnail images dervice used for the Print Index Sheet function. Specifications for Handling Image Data Item Specification Remarks Acquisition of date and time information The printer acquires date and time information included in image files in the order of precedence shown below.

Date and time information in digital camera standard format Exif 2. Date and time information applied on DOS-compliant file system. It changes each time the manjal is edited and restored.

The printer acquires the latest date and time information. The following shooting information conforms to Exif standard can be printed with the images. ISO When both an exposure time and shutter speed information exist, the exposure time is printed. No information is printed if the Exifcompliant photo data has no information. Therefore, if a P. Specified number of copies is applied to the all images the default is 1 copy.

Specifying it for each of the images independently also can be made in the preview screen. Selecting date from the list selects the images that has the selected date information. Specified number of copies mxnual applied to the selected images the default manaul 1 copy. Print Xt650 Sheet Prints an index sheet that prints images in a memory epsoj in thumbnailed form. The number of images to be included in sevrice sheet rpson be selected from the following four options.

Images in a memory card is displayed one by one in the order sorted by the printer. Printing one of the images can be made from the paused screen. Scan to Memory Card Stores sdrvice image scanned by the scanner directly into a memory card.

  IEC 14882 2003 PDF

Up to copies in total. While performing the slide show, displaying number of copies, printing from an external device or from a computer cannot be made.

Epson Stylus Photo PXFW Service and Repair Manual Pages 1 – 7 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

The printer automatically searches for all epsom in the selected folder and displays them on the LCD. When the backup file does not exist, all images in the media are searched for and displayed. Specifications on Writing Backup Data The Backup Memory Card function provided in the Setup mode allows the user to make a backup copy of a memory card on a media in an external device.

Printing the backed up images directly from the external device also can be made. A number to is assigned as the folder name. Format The printer automatically formats the destination media in a sedvice format if the media is rewritable and detected as unformatted or espon in unsupported format.

Any file or directory names peson include double-byte characters are automatically changed in accordance with the rule described below. Basic Specifications Item Specification Source media A memory card conforms to the specifications described in Tableand that is inserted into the active slot.

Destination media Supports the following media in an external device connected via the USB Host port.

Epson Stylus Photo PX650 Service Manual

Operations disabled during the backup In order to prevent the possible corruption of data, the following operations are disabled during the backup. DAT is first created under the backup folder. The number is automatically assigned from in each folder of directory. When more than times of writing history of an inserted MO is detected, the printer handles it as a backup error file name, to folder hierarchy error.

The printer cannot recognize USB flash memory that incorporates a hub. The following table lists the leftmost two-digit error codes that are controlled by the printer firmware.

For explanations on other backup errors, see “3. The following explains common procedure. This may not be required for some DSCs. Some DSCs may require to first connect to the printer for making the settings. However, depending on the DSC, some of the settings may not be available. The menus may not be available on some DSCs. Specifying the number of copies may not be available on some DSCs.

These settings may not be available on some DSCs. Direct print from a memory card is not processed or performed. Stand alone copy using the scanner function is not operating. Backup of a memory card is not proceeded. No error is occurring such as paper out error or ink out error. Starting to print When the print settings on both the printer and the DSC is completed, follow the procedure below to start printing.