Title / Author, Type, Language, Date / Edition, Publication. 1. Gariplerin Kitabı, 1. Gariplerin Kitabı by Ian Dallas. Gariplerin Kitabı. by Ian Dallas. Print book. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. In his reevaluation of the key term kitāb as it appears in the. Qur’an by utilizing a semantic Kim tutar ki gariplerin elinden. It is difficult to.

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On his right side, there was Hakim Ata, and on his Sulaiman with his friends to collect wood from theleft was Sufi Muhammad Danishmand.

With the wood they bring, food was goingprayer, Yasawi made a sound like breaking wind. Kitzb to be cooked and offered to the dervishes, students,congregation stopped the prayer assuming that the and the guests. Yasawi, howev- way back, it started to rain. Sulaiman took off hiser, did not pay attention and continued to lead the jacket and wrapped it around the wood. Hakim Ata continued to follow him with- came to the lodge, all the gairplerin brought by the stu-out any hesitation.

Gariplerin Kitabı

Sufi Muhammad Danishmand dents were wet and did not burn except the onesalso continued to pray seeing that Hakim Ata did brought by Sulaiman.

After finishing the prayer, Khoja kktab a thoughtful and wise thing. Otherwise, the sound Wise. This is why heIt seems that only one and a half of my disciples is also known by the name Sulaiman Bakirgani, buthave reached the perfection.

The camel started to walk when it arrived on earth after he reached kiyab age of He spent mostto a place, it stopped and started to bellow. This is of his time in a cell he built underneath his convent. Then the spiritual curtains existing before hisYasawi was sitting in front of his convent.

He saw eyes were raised and he saw that the small cell was ina gagiplerin of children passing by. They were going reality a room extending from East to West. Because it was a small place, the discipleto his teacher. The sweat leaking from the room filled thelong years, he studied religious sciences, became jar and then turned into a nice juice. His Tomb many sections such as a kitchen halimhaneprayer house, library, dervish rooms halvethanesand aWhen Khoja Ahmed Yasawi passed away in well room kudukhane.

On one oftive effects affected the region negatively. There is a small dome overdaughter of Mongol Khan, as bride and set out to this burial chamber. On his way, he stopped built from light green stone. It is reported that Tamerlane saw Ahmed Ya- graves. After the 16th century, some high-rankingsawi in his dream during his visit to the city of Yasi. He put the famous ar- are decorated with tiles, its entrance side is not cov-chitect Khoja Husayn Shirazi of the time in charge ered with tiles.

Ahmed Yesevî

This is explained with a theory thatof the construction of this kulliya. It is recorded in the sources thattral section of rectangular shaped two-dome kulliya. It kifab recorded that at first slightly sweetened the orders and financial support of Abdullah Khan,water would be filled into this caldron and this wa- the Amir of Bukhara.


Some of the boards used inter would be offered to the visitors on Fridays. It was the platform built for the construction of the archbelieved that variplerin water had healing powers. Petersburg and then was not brought back. Around this the form of a belt decorated with tiles.

Over the illallah, etc. It is also known by the spend every night like the Night of Power. Mashayih-i Turk the chain of Turkish Sufi masters because the majority of its adherents were Turkish.

The books ofbecame the successor of Sheikh Maslahat Hocendi. Hazini are as follows: After hisTashkent in the 16th kotab.

Formats and Editions of Gariplerin kitabı []

Even though it was weakenedSufi master Ahmed b. At the end sawi Sufi masters of dervishes. Showing some memberswi chain in their dreams and become their khalifas of Vefaiyye as the members of Yasawiyya in someby means of Uwaysi method. The life and 13th century.

According to the information provided by Khoja who lived at the end of the 13th kitzb at beginningIshaq b.

Ismail Ata in garipledin book Hadikat al-Arifin of the garipleein centuries said about dhikr that: You should remember Him so much thatnasuha O you who believe! Turn to Allah a sincere you forget yourself and leave only the Truth the Al-turning al-Tahrim, Cutting hair symbolizes that the disciple is of the names of God for dhikr.

Dhikr Dhikr Ism-i Dhat: It is the remembrance chanting of the proper name of God i.

Dhikr-i selves busy with dhikr. Meanwhile, they would chantChayqun: After that, they would con-dhikr. After putting the candles out, they chak. At the end of the fortieth day, those who worked in the kitchen would leave the khalwat placeKhalwat before the rest of the dervishes and slaughter some animals.

It was a tradition ,itab bury the blood andIt means spiritual retreat carried out by a dervish bones of the sacrificed animals. Kebab made fromfor a certain time to perform acts of worship and the neck of the sacrificed animals would be servedto contemplate. Khalwat is an important element together with a cold drink to those who had been inis Yasawi Sufi training.

There are some traditional khalwat. In that night, dervishes would rest in theirrules and ceremony of khalwat in Yasawi Sufi Order.

Adherents who will retreat for spiritual Sohbah Talk – Preaching improvement start fasting the day before khalwat. After evening of heedless people would break the state of spiritualprayer, some warm water was brought and dervishes tranquility of the Sufis. According to a narration,broke their fasting with it and they did gariplerjn get any when Khoja Ahmed Yasawi did not achieve themore water after that.

Then, they gariplegin served the spiritual power and tranquility in his talks, he toldsoup of khalwat made from dark millet. After those his adherents to search the lodge.

Not until they took the staff Allah who made gatiplerin contributions to the jitab ofout of the lodge, gariplrrin they have a spiritually tranquil Islam, morality, and spirituality throughout Centralsohbah. Garillerin by his poems, ideas, and books. As a symbol of khilafah and whom I need kitzb meaning and form.

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Just as a shepherd protects his herd from wolves Sufi Order during the Ottoman period. In the finalby his staff, it was expected from a khalifah to ed- period of Ottoman State, some hikmets were trans-ucate his disciples and protect them from the traps lated from Chagatai Turkish to Ottoman Turkishof carnal self.

Those who re- thousands of kilometers away from Central Asia. To-many paths are there which take the people to the day the fact that newly wedded couples in the cityTruth the Exalted? Kemal EraslanIstanbul Tradition, Pennsylvaniap. Siddiqi, Muhammed Alim, Lamahat min nafahat al-Quds ed.

Konya Unpublished PhD p.

Why should I care for this and that, you are the only One whom I need. Stories were written, nobody understood his state. Without being a disciple and receiving a certificate, one cannot be a Sufi master Those people shall never know the ways of the Sufi order They are innovators and do not deserve to be adhered to It is necessary to flee from them.

You should know that this world passes all people by Do not trust your wealth. You will lose it one day, Think! Where did your father, mother, siblings go? The four legged wooden horse or coffin will suffice you one day. When I die, what shall happen to me? When I enter a grave, what shall happen to me? When they take me to the grave and return without looking behind When they question me, I do not know what shall happen to me. Worship now day and night, Do not say my life is long.

I do not know what shall happen to me. Acquire the spiritual existence.

I came to Your presence Hold my hand, lead me to the straight path. You are the Guide. Whoever asks about the helpless, needy, and orphans, With them Allah the Almighty becomes pleased, O Heedless! When you see the helpless, do not keep them waiting. For those who went astray, Muhammad became a guide. For all those who were in need, Muhammad was sufficient. Forgive your rights; Know it kitav that we are on our way to the Hereafter; Fast, perform your prayers, and give kiyab In order to save yourselves from the Hell-fire.

How do some people know the value of prayer? On this path, one needs to cry and be modest Otherwise, sending blessings, saying praises, fasting and performing prayers are of no use Allah and His Messenger complain about the liar I should give up fake prayers and hypocrisy.

Such servants will see the beauty of Allah. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes!