Gaston. (). William Saroyan. (August 31, – May 18, ). Notes. This short story was first published in The Atlantic Monthly in The significance of William Saroyan’s short story “Gaston” is that it shows the importance of judging people by their inner qualities instead of their outward. Gaston by William Saroyan. William Saroyan was an American dramatist and author. His characters are always simple and not very happy as a.

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Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. August 31, — May 18, This short story was first published in The Atlantic Monthly in By that time, Saroyan had been living mostly in Paris for three years. The story won third prize of the O. Henry Awards in Notice that many words in the story are offered with new, unconventional, or complex meanings. Terms like homefor example, or flawedperfectcomfortablewillianOKand foolishness take on senses that refuse to be rote.

Choose a word or more and follow its use, ideas and effects from the beginning of the story through the end. What has happened to that word or concept?

Analysis of Gaston W. Saroyan

Why is it interesting? What is this story about? After close reading the story and considering its diction, setting, characters, dialog, plot, tone, contradictions, repetitions and other characteristics, what themes, issues or concerns do you see the story dwelling upon?


Among some ideas that we have mentioned in class, the story is about. E-mail me your observations, what you consider “Gaston” to be about. This is a story about hope dashed, intimacy interrupted, a blooming imagination nipped, and interaction thwarted. It is a story about loss. Most heartbreakingly, it is a loss of physical and emotional personal contact that is saoyan and sarogan, to the triumph of a superficial, removed charade of connection that is categorical, rote, and heartless.

What a Girl Wants. She is very old, especially for a young girl of six; a preschooler who has learned already to cry inside The six-year-old is curious about things around her, and, sensitive to the zaroyan close by, considers the new-found bug as a fellow being: The girl wants to thrive and to belong, and she projects these desires onto Gaston: In order to thrive and to fit in where she lives, she has had to prioritize her desires.

The most important thing is what her mother wants, not what she wants. In short, she wants not to cry.

And this is a story that confirms that very old, very basic, and very humble wish. My Name Is Aram. Last updated August 26, Study Questions Notice that many words in the story are offered with new, unconventional, or complex meanings. How many different terms are used to describe Gaston? How do the descriptions change throughout the story? Who uses which willlam, and are they consistent in using them? What are some denotations and connotations for peach? Which do you think are relevant to the story?

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What does each character want? Consider expressions that have to do with looking and seeing that appear in the story, such as look, see, study, show, examine, and watch. Is look the ggaston as examine? What difference does seeing Gaston and studying him make? Extend your consideration of looking and seeing further williwm include not only the literal wilkiam looking at and seeing the peach or Gastonbut also the figurative like observing and understanding a concept such as the girl coming to terms with ideas and beliefs while with her father, and then later on the phone with her mother.

KWILAYE: “Gaston,” by William Saroyan, Short Story Analysis/Response, April 6,

In what ways is viewing and comprehending something not with the eye but with the mind or thought important in the story?

What effect does it have on the characters’ lives? What does the contrast between the father-daughter dialog wulliam the afternoon and the later mother-daughter phone saroan reveal about the father-mother relationship? Works Cited Saroyan, William. Oxford Dictionaries originally in Paris a fashionable man, esp one who frequents public places Collins English Dictionary.

The Man, the Writerdir.

Biography Brian Darwent, ” William Saroyan: