“S-TTL” Auto of INON Z, D series and S is not just to work out “full automatic TTL auto strobe when a user gains experience of underwater photography. Manually controllable [EV Control Switch] enables you to select ” real”. Z Type4. Overview · Feature · Spec · Exterior · Accessories · Setup Example Precise S-TTL, step External Auto, step Manual and Nikonos TTL for. Setting up INON Z/D/S Series using a fiber optic cable with point & shoot & DSLR housings with optical port camera exposure mode to Manual, Shutter priority, Aperture priority, Auto or Program Operation.

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Welcome to the Underwater Photography Guide.

Our idea is simple – learn, shoot, explore. I own 2 Inon Z’s, and I love them. Here’s some initial impressions: Excellent battery compartment, this would be very difficult to flood.

You can see the oring at all times clear compartment. Some people say they are stronger than Ikes. Not applicable when using sync cords. Has “pre-flash cancel” circuitry that helps reduce the strength of a camera’s preflash, resulting in longer battery life for the camera, and shorter internal-flash recycle times. Diffusers screw in, making it very hard to lose them. It also makes it easy to place colored gel filters behind the strobes.

More expensive strobes have more ussr coverage, even with a diffuser coverage is not perfectly even when shooting very wide-angle e.

INON Customer Support [Products Catalog / Guide Download]

Inon Z type 3 strobes recommend using low-discharge rechargables such as Sayno Eneloops. This really isn’t a big deal, Eneloops are great batteries, inexpensive, can be recharged in any regular charger, and don’t lose their charge over time.

There’s some example photos from the Phillipines taken with these strobes here. The Inon Z manual is famous usr being innon to understand. Also use the manual power setting for a direct sync cable connection to a dSLR. The strobe will mimic the pre-flash. The right dial should be at the 12’oclock position.

Turn the right dial to the left or right one click for some amount of exposure compensation. Recommends low-discharge batteries such as the Sanyo Eneloop or Powerbase instant, to prevent overheating, especially when the modeling light is on. Also, it is safer to use regular AA rechargables.


Manual mode will not fill on full power, it’s a half-stop below full power. Only the “full” setting will do a full dump. Don’t make the mistake of ordering the strobes witout h the proper adapter e.

Inon Z240 Review

Be very careful not to loose the metal screw that closes the battery compartment, it’s easy to drop. My macro shots with the 0. Ikelite DS substrobes are about the same strength, are larger and heavier but have a cooler temperature which can be more desired for people shooting wide-angle underwater photography.


Highly recommended, great choice for a strobe that can be used for macro and wide angle, for compacts and dSLR users. Underwater Strobe and Flash Guide. Strobes and Types of Directional lighting. Scott is also an avid diver, underwater photographer, and budding marine biologist, having created the online guide to the underwater flora and fauna of Southern California.

He is the past vice-president of the Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society, has volunteered extensively at the Santa Monica aquarium, and is the creator of the Ocean Art underwater photo competition, one of the largest underwater international photo competitions ever held in terms of value of prizes. He lives in California with his wife, newborn girl and scuba-diving, photo taking 4 year old son. Follow Scott on Facebook or Instagram. Click, or call the team at for expert advice!

Bluewater Travel is your full-service scuba travel agency. Let our expert advisers plan and book your next dive vacation.

Run msnual divers, for divers. Skip to Main Content Area. Welcome to the Underwater Photography Guide! Great angle of coverage. Uses 4 AA batteries. Batteries usually will last for 3 dives of heavy shooting. For a point and shoot camera, an Inon D or S will also work fine. Here’s a recent cuttlefish photo taken with these strobes: These differences are the same for the Inon D strobe. Guide number of 24 on land Angle of coverage degrees, with diffuser Recycle time 1.

Takes 4 AA batteries. My own measurements Recommendation and Price Highly recommended, great choice for a strobe that can be used for macro and wide angle, for compacts and dSLR users.


Inon Z Review|Underwater Photography Guide

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Deep Visions by ScubaShooters. Moorea, Bora Bora, and Huahine.

Inon Z-240 User Manual

Video with the Panasonic GH5. Fisheyed in Fakarava – Premiere Shark Diving. A Family Humpback Adventure in Moorea. Story Behind the Shot: Interview with Pietro Formis. Bluewater Photo Lumen Focus Light. Fantasea UWLF proves to be mamual sharp, high quality, close-focusing wide-angle wet lens coming at an affordable price. Nikon enters the mirrorless market with their new Z-series, featuring a full-frame sensor, some great specs and a bold lens mount redesign.

This pre-review details the implications for underwater photography. What code is in the image?: Create new account Request new password.