Block diagram of Intercom using LM shows the two PCB Unit (Unit1 & Unit2). and ground will be used common for both. Both are the Transceiver. LM In this intercom schematic, the 8 ohm speakers is used as Intercom circuit diagram. intercom . This website uses cookies to improve your experience. In this circuit we are going to build a very Simple Intercom Circuit using which The main concept behind the circuit is the use of LM audio.

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Intercom Circuit Using LM IC | Circuit Diagram

This audio amplifier module can be used to play your FM receiver kit, make infrared based music transmitter and receiveretc. A low cost LM based Audio Amplifier is available on www. You can use the amplifier module for your project. In this video, I have plugged in a simple FM receiver kit.


The audio amplifier amplifies the sound of FM receiver. I have tested it on Proteus. ITS working fine, but the Kind of waves it producing as output as not sinusoidal wave.

The wave is like something else. Can I use this design as stereo amplifier; I mean dual channel amplifier. And another question is if there untercom an amplifier whose gain starts from 1 and is adjustable, please tell me its name.

Hello May I ask a question? I would like it to be powered by a 9v battery….

Simple Two Way Intercom Circuit Diagram

Tuesday, January 1, Auto-Detection l Bluetooth l Smart Multimeter. Review of PCBWay after-sale service.

Log into your account. How to use infrared based music transmitter and receiver. Yet another simple amplifier for your Arduino and music projects. Simplest DIY clap switch- Assembly tutorial. Hello, I have tested it on Proteus.

Can you Give me the Reason Why!!! How to reduce noise distortion in audio amplifier?

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