JEAN DE SPERATI: MASTER FORGER. Jean de Sperati relaxing in his study. The name “Jean de Sperati” is one of the most famous and infamous in the history. Media in category “Jean de Sperati”. The following 6 files are in this category, out of 6 total. A signed work of Jean de × ;. , English, Book, Illustrated edition: The work of Jean De Sperati II: including previously unlisted forgeries / Robson Lowe and Carl Walske. Lowe, Robson.

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Jean de Sperati

This is the ‘Holy Grail’ to all serious Papua collectors. Known to exist, I doubt a copy has ever been previously on the market in Australia. It is a Sperati forgery, and is quite possibly the only one now existing. The differences from the genuine, as in all Sperati forgeries, are microscopic.

The forgery is just so good it would be accepted by On that basis, my price of about half Gibbons for the genuine is quite attractive, especially as no copy has been seen on this Australian market for many decades, if ever. The scan is not too good re colour accuracy, sorry, speerati used an alternate program to the one I usually scan with. In reality the colour of this forgery matches the genuine virtually identically.

Category:Jean de Sperati

Stamp now SOLD – to a leading dealer! A ton more detailed background on Sperati soerati his amazing forgeries is found at – www. Comes complete with the original Bynoff-Smith album page, kean photocopy of the BPA London Sperati handbook pages on this stamp, showing this is the exact example illustrated there. A boring little brown stamp on brown parcel wrapping seemed to appeal to no-one at the time to teat off and retain. The replacement VERY large sized bright high values were a different story.


Jean de Sperati is universally regarded as the finest and most dangerous stamp forger ever to have lived.

Category:Jean de Sperati – Wikimedia Commons

He was born in Italy in and died inliving most of his life in France. Sperati was so good, a mailing of 18 forgeries addressed to Spain was spersti in by French Customs who has them assessed as being all genuine. He was arrested on a charge of ‘exporting capital’ estimated at being worthFrancs without a permit, and was summonsed to appear in court.

Exporting forgeries was at the time legal if sold and identified as sperai, and free of duty or taxes. Sperati made fools of the Authorities in the long court trial by forging three more identical sets of the same 18 stamps in question, and tendered them to the court!

Sperati was a master craftsman, and produced very small numbers of meticulous masterpieces, rather than the masses of low quality JUNK quality material manufactured by Panelli, Spiro Brothers and Fournier etc. Some stamps in his famous album contained as many as six different signatures or Guarantees of authenticity.

The “Livre D’Or” would eventually contain different expertised stamps. I d the BNG Lakatoi above was among them. Sperati Kangaroo forgeries get high prices globally, not just locally. Jaen no-one ever complain about MY mailing costs!

So the fake is worth far more than a rare genuine stamp. There are three other stamps from the region he is known to have produced, and I am proud to offer two of these three right here on this website. Spwrati ensured the stamp had a genuine watermark and cancellation and perfs. A trivial re-inforced corner perf not mentioned in Shreves description.

Indicating the Sperati different type, not number of them made! Several of these exist. After that sale Sperati is RED hot. This stamp shows perfectly the main characteristic of the forgery For complete details on the Gray sale, click – https: Pointing out rightly these sold for that price a decade ago, well before the spegati rise in Roo values overall.


He kindly endorsed in pen, the Shreves New York lot card, to the buyer from me: A few of these 6 of each max, Robson Lowe stated existed – http: Sperati only made 4 forgeries from Australasia. The last colour proof of this stamp I saw offered was 6 years back – http: I am probably the only dealer in Australia to have owned 3 of these 4, and the WA is the only one that has eluded me!

Earn Frequent Flier points while buying at bargain prices. Simply type in what you are looking for. Using quotes ” is more accurate for multi word searches – i.

Search is NOT case sensitive. Full Time Stamp Dealer in Jeean for over 35 years.

New York Also Member of: Full Time Stamp Dealer in Speratj for 35 years. PTS London and many other philatelic bodies. All lots offered are subject to my usual Conditions of Salecopy upon request. Ejan HERE for details. E-mail me at glen glenstephens. I also have just sold another very rare Sperati Forgery. It was the only example of this forgery I have ever owned or seen offered, and the price in the UK may of course be somewhat higher than this re I have nothing whatever to guide me in this respect as SG Specialised does not price it!

And prices have continued to rise ever since. Showing just how strong Sperati prices are right now. Along with ALL high end Kangaroo stamps.

Payment via ‘real’ credit cards possible!