JOHN PETRUCCI John first began playing guitar at age 12 and had some of the typical influences that many John remembers classmates at Berklee who diligently .. TAB、. 他当. 了。」 傳自中台: 盾。。。 。 。 。 」 Fade. ——. 一 Documents Similar To John Petrucci – Rock Discipline (Guitar Tabs). Greg Howe – Hot Rock Licks. Uploaded by. prettycool2. Paul Gilbert – Shred Alert. Uploaded. Rock Discipline (Complete) Guitar PRO tab by Petrucci, John, download gtp file.

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In general I have gotten most out of picking up certain licks out of solos, that I think sound great, and then spend time getting it into my own playing.

I fab found a need to stretch a whole lot more yesterday than I have ever needed, thanks for nothing Tremonti. I know he has “wild stringdom” which is a compilation of GW? Still some things to explore.

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I worked on it. I’m determined to stick with it as I’ve never really stuck at anything – including lessons. Mar 21, 6.

I did some of it when It first came out. Mar 23, 9.


In order to practice, improve and keep my technique, I always keep coming back to Gambale’s Chop Builder. ZeyerGTRMar 21, But John is an awesome player. But also learn whole solos, and stealing the best parts. For the record, I didn’t even come close to sticking with Rock Discipline. The guitar is designed to make rck voicings pretty easy. My suggestion on that is to rip the DVD audio into an mp3 format, and load it in a “slow down” type program.

Except Ted Greene’s concept of fretting two different frets with one finger. The wasn’t so bad ,but the kinda hurt a bit. Do you already have an account?

Mar 22, 8. Thing is though, John advises that you continue to play the exercises and move as far down the neck as you can before it hurts. Music has its way of working on you.

GTP tab by artist John Petrucci – Rock Discipline string skipping exercise

The section where JP talks about building speed is along these lines. Mar 21, 3. Mar 25, Discipljne 21, 7. These days I’m more focused on learning some harmony and using pentatonic scales as a mean to add tensions or imply modal interchange chords I’m still scratching the surface on this subject. There’s some great exercises in there.


For sweep picking, just check out Frank Gambale’s stuff. Home Forums Recent Posts. Mar 20, 1. There are things in the method that work on you in ways you might not realize. Also, has anyone done this book from cover to cover and can anyone share their experiencces on how it helped them improve?

John Petrucci || Rock Discipline

Mar 29, Your name or email address: Should I persevere or should I move on? Its all “important” in the lesson he’s trying to convey.

Log in or Sign up. Yes, my password is: Share This Page Tweet. Petgucci took a few exercises from the book and extended them to much more variations in the past. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews.

I mean they’re getting easier, but I’m going to get bored pretty soon and will need to move on to achieve something more. BetoMar 27, I’m not sure I’d tough it out, but even a solid attempt would probably help with the stiffness.