Charles Leonard Lafontaine ou simplesmente Charles Lafontaine, (Vendôme, Loir-et-Cher, Em Genebra e publicou um jornal chamado Le magnétiseur. . Jornal Vortice,Ano VII, Nº 08 – p Verifique data em: |data= (ajuda); ↑ Collective. Ficha de VORTICE DANCE COMPANY, Compañía de Fatima, en la Web de Feminine Culture Award, at the Gala Evening Jornal “O Mirante”, Portugal, During the month of February I found a free time to write a brief review on Ana Maria Uribe which was published in the printed Jornal do Margs (Museu de Arte .

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Reed Altemus,is an internationally known copy artist, Fluxus artist, mail artist, experimental writer and visual poet.

The Reed Altemus Collection is an extensive collection of mail art, copy art, and visual poetry from a variety of artists and authors. Bennett Overview of the Collection: Rare Books and Manuscripts Library Identification: Reed Altemus Collection Dates: Box 1 Folders December 1, edited by Vortice and Juan C. December 5, edited jornak Vortice and Juan C. Pouco a Porco, August 31,edited by Hugo Pontes.

Pouco a Porco, September 16,edited by Hugo Pontes. Pouco a Porco, May 11,edited by Hugo Pontes. Lost and Found Times, No. Luna Bisonte Prods, [nd], edited by John M. Asemic 2, 1 premix, Australia: The Bureau, [nd], edited by Tim Gaze.


Uni;vers Visual and Experimental Poetry, No. Exhibit Catalog and Schedule: Poesia e Imagem, No. Marchedited by Rodrigo Miragaia.

Anúncio para o Jornal NH

November to Februaryedited by Rodrigo Miragaia. What is Mail Art? Administration Communale de Lorentzweiler, Spider Web Productions,edited by Gianni Simone. Johnny Boy Productions,edited by Gianni Simone.

Jornal Vórtice 24 maiopdf – Google Drive

Xtant Books,edited by Gianni Simone. Language Simulations, Belgium and US: Head Honchos, Columbus, OH: Vottice, Andrew, Red Line, [Sl]: Topel, Andrew, Skull Pulse, Finland: Eight Page Press, Kendall, Jessy et al.

Bennett and Dan Boyd. OH an Essay, Finland: To Me Her The, Vol. Peyronie Press,edited by John M. Bennett and Al Ackerman. City of Crust, Columbus, OH: Topel, Andrew, Reveal, [Sl]: Ganick, Peter, Small Poems, Finland: Luna Bisonte Prods, Box 2 Stamps and Stories, Luxembourg: Phi Editions,edited by Francis Van Maele.

International Review for Signalist Research, Serbia: La Storia Siamo Vprtice.

Charles Leonard Lafontaine – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Stetser, Carol, Currents, AZ: Announcement and News articles about: Shopping for Life and Pleasure, [Sl]: Tilted Armchair Press, [nd]. Second Story Books, edited by Mary Burger. Plantarchy 1, Oxford, OH: Critical Documents,edited by Justin Katko.

Springedited by Steve Armstrong. Invisible Books,edited by John M. Inside box from Belgium: Bennett and Scott Helmes. September – October May – June Februaryedited by John McCarthy. First Edition Summer Punching out the Postman, No. Pecking Like the Postman, No. Asta-Druckerei, Mainz,edited by Stefan Brand.

Damp Shorts, Columbus, OH: Luna Bisonte Prods,edited by John M. Bennett and Robin Crozier. Bolling, Elgin, I Gotta Go! I’m a Wreck, VT: I’m a Wreck, No. Waste Paper Co, [nd], edited by M.


Celeste Press,edited by Deborah Slaght. Neotrope 4, Santa Barbara, CA: Gestalten 6, Santa Barbara, CA: Jjornal 7, Santa Barbara, CA: Invite to the closing of Demanding the Impossible, international mail art exhibition, Dublin, Ireland, Memory for Robin Crozier, A. Apriledited by Michael Leigh. Arts Revolution Festival itinerary, Drawing for Mail Art, Vol. No Press, August vortce Simon Fraser University Gallery exhibit announcement: November – December Dirt, Issue 2, [Sl]: Dirt, Issue 1, [Sl]: Oceanside Coalition for Strong Communities, Topel, Andrew, Midnight, [Sl]: Topel, Andrew, Foreigner, [Sl]: Delicious Rust Tent, No.

Catalogue de Publications en Photocopie, Bordeaux, France: Starnino, Carmine, Ornithology, Ontario, Canada: Lyons, Kimberly, Unarmed Chapbook Selections from Restorative Analects, St. Topel, Andrew, Mystifciation, [Sl]: Broken Boulder Vorhice,afterward by Mark Sonnenfeld. Public Cube, Columbus, OH: Italian Sonnenntina, Columbus, OH: Murlock, Crabb, Laugh Clump, [Sl]: Sticker for Arte Postale Paper Kite Press, The Teitan Press, Inc, [nd].