Original post: Inuus Grim Has anyone heard of a text dedicated to Diane Vera called Liber Azazel? I downloaded it earlier from. Azazel: Book of Angels Volume 2 is an album by the Masada String Trio performing compositions from John Zorn’s second Masada book, “The Book of Angels”. So ends the Liber Azazel. Without skipping a beat I turn to the first page of the next book, Liber Bellum. 1. And, her heart enraged at the betrayal inflicted upon.

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Thank you for sharing.

It is informative and enlightening as it is beautifully written. I needed to hear this at this time. Every once in a while, Man, with his hopes and dreams and his pen, and his past; needs reminding of his place in the three worlds of midguard.

Thank you,this was really good.

This is same ole, same ole Szazel we ALL have knowledge I want to thank you all for taking the time to comment. This writing was a profound revelation for me when it came through. I am glad that others are finding meaning in it, too.

Anonymous – Liber Azazel (216.0 Kb)

And for those who don’t, I hope you find something that does speak to you, somewhere. Thursday, March 12, Liber Qayin — complete text. In the summer ofas we headed azazle Lammas, Natalie and I received this work. It is a channeled gospel given to us freely. We now give it to you.


Though we have made available printed versions of this text, we axazel strongly that it needs to be publicly available to those who need it. The accompanying art is by John Birkel, and her retains the copyrights to those pieces. She was Eve, the mother of all races.

Liber Azazel by Anonymous

For I am azazek Darkness in the Light. I transformed myself into an owl and flew away to the Land of Nod. There, I raged against my torn and jealous heart that both loved and hated in an instant. She took the spirit of Azazel and the flesh of Adam within her womb and brought forth two sons.

Knowledge brings pain, and Wisdom brings peace. Through this magic Cain founded the first cities and built the first temple. Together we brought libber to the people of the earth. I liner the Fire that is Life and Wisdom and Magic, and this fire shown in each plant and person and creature. It shown from each stone and each drop of water. Each wind that blew carried the fiery Word of Life. And when she called to me, I came as the serpent that she might know transformation.

For in the time of my Great Fall, I did turn my eyes away from that singular focus on All that I might teach those of azazzel who would learn.


The Liber Azazel? – Satan and Suns/Sons

And I am also Death-in-Life, the little death found in azazell arms of love. And so I am. For I was begotten in the Garden, and I am all that is fertile. For no woman is so unlovely, no man so unworthy, no child so unnoticed that I do not hold them deep in my heart. But I am made to love all the world, azazl his brother whom he reviles. Peaceful Prince and beautiful Shepherd.

My undying, youthful love. And they were the joys of my world. Both were beloved of me, and I of them. And so it is that I am She of Love and War, for both are bought with blood.

And I loved them. Posted by Laurelei at 4: Samuel Turner March 14, at 2: Ahkenaten May 16, at 4: Lauren Axazel Creative June 17, at 5: Sekhet Neb Amunwah January 14, at Odnocer Eno August 1, at 2: Laurelei October 21, at 8: Newer Post Older Post Home.