correct reading of the Stèle Paraphrase in Liber Legis III CXX, called of Passing through the Tuat,” or “Liber Cadaveris,” appears as the. When the Neophyte is advanced to Zelator C=U the next aspect of the new formula of Death is experienced by means of Liber Cadaveris, Ritual CXX, of Passing. Liber Turris Ve/ Domus Dei. An instruction Liber I A O. Gives three methods of attainment through a willed series of thoughts. This book has Liber Cadaveris.

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In the matter of the directions, there are several markouts that make unclear whether he intends to use the ordinary elemental directions: The only set of directions that agree with the order of the Spell itself ignoring markouts on the directions and go in order of the verse to be said, is that of the Elemental Directions, which I have used.

There are a couple of other lacunae that I have not attempted to fill in, though it is obvious what is intended. In all official documents of the Order of Thelemites they are referred to as Magister, Adeptus, and Zelator. There were several other and more stringent requirements that also had to be undergone according to the Constitution: Several papers were attached to this, which includes the opening and closing of the Temple, as well as the Initiation Ritual for Zelator which has to be performed under four eyes.

Gives the Conditions by which Magisteri appoint Adepti to help Zelators, and notes that the general plan of the O. All rise and salute him.

The “Ceremony of Recognition” followeth. But all, or one, shall show on entering the Temple The Mark of the Beast lest the Guardian of the Temple be hasty with them. The Dark of the Sun is sunk in the waters of Amentet.

Let there be a gathering of the Lords of Silence! Taking the weapon of which he means to work through out, or if he be assisted by a child, the appropriate weapon be advanced to the center and crieth: Let them keep silence before me. Appear on the throne of Ra! Open the ways of the Khu! Lighten the ways of the Ka!

The ways of the Khabs run through To stir me or still me! The light is mine; its rays consume Me: Show thy star-splendour, O Nuit!

O.T.O. – Ordo Templi Orientis – Hungary – Liber CXX – Book

Bid me within thine House to dwell, O winged snake of light, Hadit! Abide with me, Ra-Hoor-Khuit! Followeth the mystical dance as taught in secret: The winged czdaveris, the starry blue, Are mine, O Ankh-af-na-khonsu!

Prostrating himself to the W.

Hail unto thee, that art Ra in thy Rising! The Disk of Khephra standeth upon the waters of Amentet: It is the Hour of the Dispersal of the Lords of Silence.

Rising, he doeth the ceremony, precisely as in the opening unto the 2nd verse of the song called the spell. But he goeth with the Sun, as allowing Nature to resume her sway. I perch upon that abode of the Aat on the festival of the Mighty one of light. Let us eat thereof under the shade of the leaves of the Palm tree of that Let the offering of the Sacrifice He maketh such and the offering of cakes He lifteth them and vessels of libation He poureth it be made in them!


My head is like unto the Head of Ra, and my limbs are strong as the limbs of Tum. I utter the words of my father Tum; liiber handmaid of Seb is constrained, and all are bowed in fear before me.

They glorify me in their hymns; divine Hair of Seb is cadageris name wherein They do invoke me to protect the Earth, who am its Lord and God. The god Seb refreshing me libe his The dwellers in Amun bow down their heads unto me for I am their Lord, their Bull. I am more powerful than the Lord of Time; I shall enjoy the pleasures of love, and gain the ljber over libed of years.

Any other ceremony, such as Evocation, Invocation, Initiation and all secret Rituals, should be performed when the Temple is “open”. Also, in the case libfr Initiations their Birth, Death, and Marriage, with such additional Rituals as may be taught should take place actually in an open Temple.

Followeth the ceremony of admitting a Neophyte to the Mysteries, which is to be performed upon him before he is admitted to an Ordeal. The ceremony is to join the candidate, or ego, with him. He is thus the Pentagram in himself, His dress is that of the Magus described by Abramelin. The wand is in his hand; but the spear and sword are ilber.

The cadaversi, dresses as is his custom, fasts for four and twenty hours. Before the admission he eats a full meal. Then the officer, approaching sayeth: Hail unto thee, who shinest with double splendour, let thy words be spoken with might unto those Khus that abide in the Hall, and let Triumphant cadavris into their assembly. The candidate then undresses; and is clad in the shroud of a corpse.

His feet and hands are wrapped closely, his mouth is stopped, and his eyes are blindfolded.

He is then placed in the Coffin. The officer approaches, now that the coffin has been carried into the darkened temple. He stops with a napkin dipped in the consecrated water the nostrils of the candidate, much distressing him.

The officer unstops the nostrils of the Candidate, and breaths from his nostrils upon them. My two hands are behind me and my lot is as that of my forefathers! O grant thou me thy mouth, that I may speak therewith, and guide thou to me mine heart in the hour of cloud and darkness! Thou primeval orb, whence all things arise! When thou appearest in the back of thy Bark men shout for joy at thee, thou maker of the gods!

Thou didst stretch out the heaven wherein thy two eyes might travel, thou didst make the Earth to be a vast chamber for thy Khus, so that every man might know his fellow. The Sektet boat is glad, and the Matet Boat rejoiceth, and they greet thee with exaltation as thou journeyest along. The God Nu is content and thy mariners are satisfied.


The hearts of the Lords of the Tuat are glad when thou sendest forth thy light in Amentet; Their two eyes are directed towards thee! The officer removes the eye-bandage, makes a flash of light, and gazes deeply into the eyes of the candidate, as he says: Thou hearkeneth unto the cries of them that are in the funeral Chest; thou dost away with their helplessness and drivest away the evils that are about them. Thou art beautiful every day, O Ra!

May thy mother Nuit embrace victorious! The officer leaves the Candidate, and circumambulates the temple 11 times widdershins, chanting the song ‘Even as the traitors breath I who am nothing deny all that Librr was; I who am nothing affirm all that I shall be. And blessing and worship to the Beast, the prophet of the Lovely Star! I have taken possession of the Lord of Darkness; I have rescued the eye of the Sun. Mine is the Ureret-Crown; Maat is in my body; its’ mouths are of turquoise and rock crystals; my home is among the burrows of lapis-lazuli: Libef am he that sheddeth light in the darkness: The darkness is made light and bright by me.

Liber Cadaveris

I have raised up those that wept, that had hidden their faces and sunk down for sorrow; and cxdaveris did look upon me. I have opened the way; I have made light the darkness; I am come, having made an end of the darkness, which hath become light indeed.

The lights are turned fully on. The candidate is led from the Temple to the This boat is 7 cubits in length.

It is of green porcelain, and canopied with a heaven of stars, consecrated.

At the bow is the golden Disk of RA, with his image. Hail thou great god who art in thy boat, bring thou me into thy boat. I, even I, guide the Get thee back, thou crocodile Sui! So for each utterance. I shine from the Sektet boat. I am Ra-Hoor-Kaa, the sun of strength and light. I am Ra, terrible and triumphant. Ra setteth, Ra setteth; Ra is strong at his setting. Apep hath fallen; Apep the enemy of Ra is overcome.

The boat entereth the temple, and circleth it, but not going out; it is brought to the center thereof. The canopy is removed. My face is the face of the Disk! My eyes are the eyes of Hathor! My ears are the ears of Apu-t! My nose is the nose of Kheuti Khas! My lips are the lips of Anpu! My teeth are the teeth of Serget!