Description, Lm TV Video Modulator. Company, National Semiconductor Corporation. Datasheet, Download LM datasheet. Cross ref. Similar parts. LM – TV Video Modulator The LM is designed to interface audio, color difference, and luminance signals to the antenna terminals of a Datasheet. TechWiki β. Search. LM National Semiconductor TV Video Modulator. Datasheet. LM Retrieved from.

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The LM is designed to interface audio color difference. RF oscillators and modulators for two low-VHF channels. Y dc channel switching. Y 12V to 18V supply operation.

LM Datasheet PDF –

Y Excellent oscillator stability. Y Low intermodulation products. Y 5 Vp-p chroma reference signal.

Y May be used to encode composite video. If Military Aerospace specified devices are required. Office Distributors for ratasheet and specifications. Supply Voltage V14 V16 max. Power Dissipation Package Note 1.


LM1889 Datasheet

Chroma Osc Current I 17 max. V16 — V15 max.

V14 — V10 max. V14 — V11 max. Lead Temperature Soldering 10 sec.

Datasheet «LM1889»

Change V A from 12 5 to. V17 Chroma Oscillator Balance.

V13 Chroma Modulator Balance. R-Y Modulator Output Level. B-Y Modulator Output Level. D V13 D V3. SW 4 Pos 2. Ch A Oscillator Current Level.

LM National Semiconductor TV Video Modulator ChipFind Datasheet Archive |

Ch B Oscillator Current Level. Measure D V11 V10 by. Changing from V B e 12 5V. Min Typ Max Units. Chroma Oscillator Output Level.

Sound Carrier Oscillator Level. Loaded by RC Coupling. Ch 3 RF Oscillator Level. Ch 4 RF Oscillator Level. Note 1 For operation in ambient temperatures above 25 C the device must be derated based on a maximum junction temperature and a thermal resistance. National Semiconductor Electronic Components Datasheet. View PDF for Mobile.